22K Gold Bracelet Price in Dubai

The price of a 22K gold bracelet in Dubai depends on several factors such as the weight and design of the piece. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from AED 900 to AED 3,000 for a simple 22K gold bracelet in Dubai. If the piece is more intricate or contains precious stones, prices may range up to AED 8,000 or even higher depending on its quality and craftsmanship.

The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much a particular gold bracelet will cost is by visiting a reputable jeweller in Dubai and having them evaluate it for you.

A 22K gold bracelet price in Dubai can vary depending on the quality and design. As a general guide, prices start at around AED 500 for a simple plain chain link style bracelet and can range up to several thousand Dirhams for intricately designed pieces crafted with precious stones. For those looking to buy something truly special, it’s possible to find unique designs that are unlike anything else available in other parts of the world.

22K Gold Bracelet Price in Dubai

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How Much is 10 Gram Gold Bracelet in Dubai?

A 10 gram gold bracelet in Dubai can cost anywhere from AED 1,600 to AED 5,400. The exact price of the item depends on a number of factors such as its design, quality and purity of the metal used for manufacturing. Generally speaking, 22 carat gold is considered as purest form of gold and is priced higher than 18 carat or 14 carat counterparts.

Additionally, handmade designs are more expensive than machine made jewelry pieces due to their intricate detailing. Furthermore, many famous brands like Cartier and Tiffany & Co offer exclusive collections that come with hefty price tags ranging up to tens or even hundreds of thousands depending upon their craftsmanship level. Ultimately though it all comes down to personal preference when shopping for a 10 gram gold bracelet in Dubai; you need to decide what your budget is before looking at different offers available in the market place so that you can find something that suits your taste and financial capabilities best!

How Much is 22K Gold Bracelet in Saudi Arabia?

The cost of a 22k gold bracelet in Saudi Arabia can vary greatly depending on the size, design and craftsmanship involved. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay anywhere from SAR1,000 up to SAR30,000 for a 22k gold bracelet in Saudi Arabia. Factors such as weight (in grams) and the number of diamonds or other precious stones used will have an impact on the final price tag.

As with any purchase involving jewelry or precious metals, it is important to research different vendors before making your decision so that you get the best value for money possible. Furthermore, many stores offer discounts when buying multiple items so it is worth shopping around if you are looking to buy several bracelets at once!

How Much is a Van Cleef Bracelet in Dubai?

A Van Cleef bracelet can be quite the investment, especially when it comes to purchasing one in Dubai. Depending on the size, style, and material of your desired piece, you could find yourself spending anywhere from a few thousand dirhams up to tens of thousands. The classic 18-karat gold Alhambra motif is perhaps the most iconic design that Van Cleef & Arpels has ever produced and continues to remain popular even today – with prices starting at around AED 27000 for a small version.

For those looking for something more extravagant or with precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires incorporated into their design should expect to pay significantly higher prices; some designs can go up to AED 200 000 depending on how intricate they are.

What is the Gold Rate in Ksa Bracelet?

The gold rate in KSA for a bracelet depends on the karat of the item. Typically, 24k gold is used for bracelets and it can range from 850 – 1,200 SAR per gram depending on where you purchase it. Additionally, 18K gold can be found at 650-800 SAR per gram while 14K gold will cost around 550-700 SAR per gram.

Before making any purchases, make sure to do your research and compare prices at different stores to find the best deal that fits within your budget.

18K Gold Bracelet Price in Dubai

An 18K gold bracelet in Dubai can range from around $100 to upwards of $1,000 depending on the design, size, and quality. The price is also affected by whether or not there are diamonds or other precious stones set in the piece. Many stores offer discounts for bulk purchases so if you’re looking to buy multiple pieces at once be sure to ask about special pricing.

22K Gold Bracelet Price in Uae

A 22k gold bracelet in the UAE can range anywhere from AED 3,800 to AED 9,000 depending on its design and craftsmanship. Generally speaking, most bracelets made with 22k gold are of excellent quality due to strict regulations imposed by the government. Furthermore, it is possible to find beautiful handmade designs as well as pieces which feature a combination of gemstones like diamonds and emeralds for added beauty and uniqueness.

22K Gold Bracelets for Womens in Dubai

22K gold bracelets for women in Dubai are a stunning addition to any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and luxury. These beautiful pieces come in many designs and styles such as bangles, cuffs and chains. 22K gold is the most popular type of jewelry available in Dubai because it is durable and long lasting.

With intricate details and brilliant colors, these bracelets make a statement that will turn heads when worn with pride!

Dubai Gold Bracelet Price

The price of a Dubai gold bracelet can vary depending on the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship that goes into producing it. Generally, bracelets made from 22-carat gold cost between 1,000 AED to 5,000 AED (approximately 300 – 1500 USD). If you are looking for something more luxurious, 18-carat gold bracelets may cost up to 10,000 AED (around 2,700 USD) or even higher.


In conclusion, the cost of a 22K gold bracelet in Dubai can vary depending on different factors such as design, weight, and purity level. However, it is typically more expensive than other types of jewelry due to the high quality material used and its intricate designs. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if a 22K gold bracelet from Dubai is worth the investment for your taste and budget.

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