Antler Necklace

A antler necklace is a type of jewelry made from the antlers of deer, elk, and moose. The antlers are usually carved into a pendant shape, often featuring intricate designs or even gemstones. Antler necklaces can be purchased in a wide variety of styles ranging from modern to rustic depending on personal preference.

They are often worn as an accessory but also serve as a symbol of strength and protection for many cultures around the world. Antler necklaces can make beautiful gifts that will last for generations due to their durability and unique nature.

Antler necklaces are a unique fashion statement that is sure to add some style and flair to any outfit. These gorgeous necklaces come in a variety of styles, from classic antlers carved into pendant shapes, to more intricate pieces with beads or gems encased in the antlers themselves. Whether you choose one as an everyday accessory or for special occasions, an antler necklace is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

Antler Necklace


What Does a Deer Antler Necklace Mean?

A deer antler necklace holds a special meaning for many people. It is a symbol of strength, courage, and protection from harm. To some, it serves as an amulet that wards off negative energy and helps bring good luck into their lives.

For others, it can be a reminder to stay strong in the face of adversity and maintain one’s inner strength even when times are tough. A deer antler necklace can also signify the bond between two people; its unique shape may represent unity or connection in relationships or friendships. Additionally, wearing this type of jewelry signifies respect for nature and awe at the beauty of wildlife – something often found deep within ourselves if we look hard enough!

How Much is a Deer Antler Worth?

Deer antlers are a highly sought after commodity, with prices varying depending on the size and quality of the antler. Generally speaking, larger and higher-quality deer antlers tend to be more expensive; however, pricing can vary significantly from one supplier to another. On average, a full set of medium-sized deer antlers may cost anywhere from $50 – $100 USD or more.

If you’re looking for an individual shed (discarded) antler, these typically range in price from around $15 – $25 USD each depending upon its condition and size. Premium sheds—those that are particularly large or feature unique characteristics such as burrs—can fetch upwards of $60 USD or more per piece! Collectors often look for sets that have matching points (tines), which can increase their overall value as well; however this is usually only applicable when purchasing directly from a dealer or collector rather than through an online store or auction site like eBay.

What is the Purpose of Antlers?

Antlers serve a variety of purposes for different species, from protection to mating. Deer and elk use their antlers as visual displays during rutting (mating) season to establish dominance over other males in the herd. This display is also used when females are choosing a mate; larger and more impressive sets of antlers typically mean healthier males that can provide better protection for their young.

Additionally, male deer sometimes use their antlers in combat with other males during mating season or territorial disputes. Antlers also provide natural defense against predators such as wolves and mountain lions, who may have difficulty attacking animals with large horns on either side of them. Antler growth starts each year shortly after birth and continues to grow until maturity is reached at around three years old in most species.

The annual cycle begins anew every spring when the velvet coating on the bone is rubbed off, usually by rubbing against trees or shrubs near where they live. So while antlers may look aesthetically pleasing, they are actually incredibly important tools that help animals survive in nature!

What is So Special About Deer Antlers?

Deer antlers are one of the most fascinating parts of these majestic creatures. Antlers are unique among all mammals in that they are composed primarily of bone, and grow and regenerate each year. For male deer (bucks), which naturally possess larger racks than their female counterparts (does), antlers can be a symbol of strength and power during mating season.

In fact, research has shown that bucks with bigger, more impressive racks usually have better reproductive success due to their ability to attract females for mating. Aside from being an attractive feature for potential mates, antlers also play an important role in defending territory against other males or predators; bucks will lock horns with one another to assert dominance over the area they inhabit. Fascinatingly enough, deer antler growth occurs at a rapid rate — on average about 1/2 inch per day!

During this process known as “velvetting,” blood vessels supply nutrients to the growing tissue while tiny capillaries cleanse it of waste products so it can continue developing into its full-sized form throughout summertime. Once fall arrives and breeding season is upon us again, those same blood vessels dry up causing the velvet covering them to rub off revealing a hard outer layer ready for battle! All together this makes deer antlers some truly special body parts indeed!

Deer Antler Necklace Holder

A deer antler necklace holder is a great way to store and display jewelry, particularly necklaces. It provides an attractive natural look and helps keep your jewelry organized with its sturdy construction. Most deer antler holders are made of real antlers that have been cleaned and treated for durability, making them the perfect accessory for any home decor.

Horn Necklace

A horn necklace is a type of accessory that has been used since ancient times. It typically features the curved shape of an animal’s horn and can be made from different materials such as wood, metal, or stone. Horn necklaces are believed to bring strength and courage to its wearer, making them popular in many cultures throughout history.

Today they are seen as a fashionable statement piece with both traditional and contemporary designs available.

Antler Bone Necklace

Antler bone necklaces are an increasingly popular accessory among fashion-forward individuals. Crafted from real antlers, these unique pieces of jewelry feature a stunning combination of natural beauty and rustic charm. They make great gifts for yourself or loved ones and are sure to become cherished heirlooms due to their special meaning.

Antler bone necklaces come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes so you can find the perfect one for any occasion!

Deer Antler Pendant Necklace

Deer antler pendant necklaces are a unique and stylish way to add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any wardrobe. These beautiful pieces range from simple and classic designs to intricate, one-of-a-kind creations handmade by skilled artisans. Deer antlers have been used for centuries in jewelry making and serve as an eye-catching statement piece that is sure to turn heads.


This blog post has provided a detailed overview of antler necklaces, including their history and different styles. Antler necklaces are an eye-catching accessory that can add rustic flair to any outfit. Whether it is for fashion or symbolic purposes, this beautiful piece of jewelry will make any wearer stand out in the crowd.

With its unique style and meaningful symbolism, the antler necklace is a great addition to anyone’s accessory collection.

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