Breast Milk Jewelry

Breast milk jewelry is a type of jewelry made from a mother’s own breast milk. It can be used to commemorate the special bond between mother and child, or simply as an expression of love and appreciation. Breast milk jewelry is typically handcrafted by experienced artisans who use special techniques to preserve the unique properties of the milk while creating beautiful pieces.

The process usually involves mixing the breast milk with resin, hardening it, and then forming it into whatever shape desired. These pieces are often pendants, earrings, necklaces or rings that can be worn close to one’s heart in remembrance of their baby or loved one.

Breast milk jewelry is a great way to commemorate the bond between mother and child. It offers a unique, beautiful, and meaningful keepsake that can be cherished forever. Breast milk jewelry is created using real breast milk which is then preserved and set in stunning pieces of high quality sterling silver or gold plated settings.

Whether it’s necklace pendants, earrings, or charms you are looking for; these special pieces make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Breast Milk Jewelry


How Long Does Breast Milk Jewelry Last?

Breast milk jewelry is a unique and special way to commemorate the bond between mother and child. It’s made by preserving breast milk in resin to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be cherished for years. But how long does it last?

The answer depends on how you care for your jewelry, but with proper maintenance, your breast milk jewelry can last a lifetime. The key is to protect it from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture – so keep it away from heaters, radiators, and hot tubs! Be sure not to store the jewelry in humid environments such as bathrooms or basements either.

Additionally, avoid wearing your breast milk jewelry while exercising or swimming as sweat and chlorine can damage its surface over time. Lastly, when cleaning the pendant make sure you use only mild soap and water– do not use any harsh chemicals or polishing agents! When these steps are followed carefully your breast milk jewelery will remain vibrant and durable for many years to come making them an ideal keepsake item that you can pass down through generations of family members.

Why Do You Wear Breast Milk Jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry is a unique and meaningful way to honor the special bond between mother and child. Breast milk jewelry captures the essence of motherhood, allowing mothers to celebrate their connection with their babies in a tangible way. Not only does it have sentimental value, but wearing breast milk jewelry can also be an empowering experience for mothers — it’s not just about having something beautiful that commemorates your baby; it’s about taking ownership of your own body and celebrating its ability to nourish life.

Furthermore, wearing breast milk jewelry can help keep memories alive by encapsulating a moment in time that will always be cherished — no matter how much time passes or how far away you are from one another. Lastly, breast milk jewelry can serve as a reminder of hope when times get tough: reminding us of our strength as women and mothers who persevere through whatever life throws at them while still keeping love alive.

Is Breast Milk Jewelry Real?

Yes, breast milk jewelry is a real thing! Breast milk jewelry has been growing in popularity over the past few years as a way for mothers to preserve and treasure memories of their babies. It’s a unique form of keepsake that can be worn as an everyday reminder of your little one.

Breast milk jewelry is created by taking a small sample of breast milk and preserving it in solid resin or glass. This process ensures that the special moment captured within the piece will last forever, just like those precious memories! The finished product is beautiful, personalised jewellery such as pendants and earrings; each containing its own unique swirls and patterns created by the natural composition of your baby’s breastmilk.

These pieces are perfect for any mother who wants to remember her beloved child and carry them close at all times.

How Much Breastmilk is Needed for Breast Milk Jewelry?

When it comes to creating breast milk jewelry, the amount of breastmilk needed depends on the type of piece you are making. For example, for a small pendant or charm, typically only about 1-2 teaspoons is required. However if you are looking for a larger piece such as a ring or necklace then you may need up to 2 ounces of breastmilk.

It’s important to note that all pieces will be unique and some may require more or less than what is suggested here depending on the artist’s vision and technique used. Before beginning your project make sure that you have enough milk collected so that there won’t be any last minute scrambling! If you plan ahead and store extra milk in an airtight container in the refrigerator it can easily be frozen for up to six months until ready for use.

Breast Milk Jewelry Kit

Breast milk jewelry kits are becoming increasingly popular as a way to honor the special bond between mother and child. These kits allow mothers to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry using their own breast milk. The finished products can be worn as necklaces, rings, bracelets, or even keychains – making them the perfect personalized gift for any new mom!

Breast Milk Jewelry Companies

Breast milk jewelry companies provide services to mothers who wish to have a special keepsake of their breastfeeding journey. These companies take breast milk and turn it into beautiful pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Breast milk is one of the most unique materials available for jewelry making; it’s not only extremely personal but also has healing properties that make each piece truly special.

Breast Milk Jewelry Diy

Creating your own breast milk jewelry is an amazing way to preserve a special moment in time and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Breast milk jewelry DIY kits are available that allow you to make custom pieces of jewelry using your own breastmilk, as well as dried flowers, glitter, and other materials of your choice. With minimal supplies and easy instructions, this unique craft allows you to capture the beauty of motherhood in an artistic form.

Best Breast Milk Jewelry Companies

When it comes to finding the best breast milk jewelry companies, there are a few key factors to consider. Look for a company that offers quality craftsmanship and uses materials that preserve the integrity of your breast milk while creating beautiful pieces. Additionally, customer service is important; look for reviews or testimonies from satisfied customers who have had positive experiences with their chosen company.

Finally, be sure to take into account turnaround time – some companies may offer rush services if you need your piece quickly!

Breast Milk Jewelry Reddit

Breast Milk Jewelry Reddit is a popular sub-Reddit dedicated to connecting people who are interested in making and buying jewelry crafted from breast milk. The community offers advice on sourcing materials, provides tips for crafting the jewelry, and features galleries of products made by artisans around the world. It’s an interesting corner of the internet that celebrates motherhood with unique keepsakes that have become increasingly popular over recent years.

Breast Milk Jewelry near Me

Breast milk jewelry near you is a unique way to keep your breastfeeding memories alive. Whether you’re looking for a special necklace or keychain, there are plenty of options available in local stores and online. Many businesses specialize in creating custom pieces from the breast milk that can be treasured forever as a reminder of this beautiful moment with your baby.


In conclusion, breast milk jewelry is a unique and meaningful way to commemorate the life-giving bond between mother and child. Not only does it serve as a beautiful reminder of this special relationship, but it also allows mothers to immortalize their love for their babies in an intimate and personal way. Breast milk jewelry is truly one of a kind and makes for a treasured keepsake that will be cherished for generations to come.

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