Dubai Gold Kada Design

A Dubai Gold Kada design is a traditional piece of jewelry that is worn as an armlet or bangle. This type of jewelry typically features intricate designs made from gold and other precious materials such as diamonds, rubies, and gemstones. The kada can be plain or encrusted with small stones and pearls which add to its beauty.

It generally has a clasp at the back which makes it easier to wear and remove. These pieces of jewelry are considered timeless classics in Middle Eastern culture due to their style, craftsmanship, and luxurious look. They also make excellent gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc., because they represent wealth and prosperity in the region’s culture.

Dubai Gold Kada Design is an exclusive collection of traditional and modern gold jewellery that combines the beauty of Indian culture with the luxury of Emirati designs. This exquisite collection features a variety of stunning kadas, bangles, necklaces, earrings and other pieces crafted from pure 22K gold adorned with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The intricate craftsmanship behind each piece ensures that it will remain timelessly beautiful for years to come.

Whether you are looking for something special to wear on your wedding day or simply want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look, this unique range offers something for everyone.

22K Gold Bangles Price in Dubai

The price of 22K gold bangles in Dubai depends on the quality and weight of the bangle. On average, a plain 22K yellow gold bangle can cost anywhere between AED 1000-3000 (approximately USD 271-813). If you want to buy something more intricate or heavier, be prepared to pay more.

Additionally, if you’re buying from a reputable jeweler with unique designs, then the prices can range up to AED 10,000 (USD 2271).

22K Gold Bangles Dubai

22K gold bangles from Dubai are a beautiful and unique addition to any jewelry collection. They come in a variety of intricate designs that can be custom-made for the perfect fit and style. These bangles are made with high quality 22K yellow or white gold, which is known for its durability and shine.

Each piece is handmade using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations, making them both special and timeless. With their classic beauty, these pieces will look great no matter what your personal style may be.

Gold Bangles in Dubai With Prices

Dubai is a city known for its luxurious lifestyle, and that includes the wide variety of gold bangles available. From classic designs to intricate and unique pieces, there are plenty of options to choose from in Dubai. Prices can range anywhere from $50 for simpler styles up to thousands of dollars for more elaborate pieces with diamonds or other precious stones set into the design.

No matter what your budget or style preference may be, you’ll find something perfect in Dubai’s collection of gold bangles.

Dubai Gold Kada Design


Is Gold from Dubai Stamped?

Dubai is a major gold trading hub and one of the most popular destinations for buying gold. Gold from Dubai is usually stamped with “Dubai” or “Made in UAE” on it, as per local regulations. This stamp helps to authenticate the origin of the gold and serves as proof that it has come from Dubai.

The hallmarking process ensures that each piece of jewellery produced in Dubai meets international standards for purity and quality. To further guarantee authenticity, all jewellery pieces are also accompanied by an official certificate of authentication issued by authorised bodies such as DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre). Additionally, when purchasing high-end items from luxury brands like Damas or Joyalukkas, customers will receive certificates attesting to the purity and originality of their purchases.

On top of this, many stores provide lifetime warranties for their products which ensure any issues can be handled quickly and efficiently without worry about authenticity or quality issues.

Why Do Men Wear Gold Kada?

Kada, or wristbands, are considered to be a major part of the traditional Indian male wardrobe. Gold kadas are popularly worn by men from all age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. The main reason for this is that gold has been associated with wealth and power in India for centuries.

Wearing gold kadas shows that a person is wealthy, powerful, and respected in society. Additionally, many people believe that wearing gold can bring good luck and protect against evil spirits. Gold kadas also have religious significance as they are often given out at weddings or other special occasions as tokens of love between two families.

On top of all these reasons, gold looks great on anyone! It’s no wonder why so many men wear them proudly on their wrists every day – there simply isn’t anything else like it!

What Does a Gold Kada Mean?

A gold Kada is a traditional Indian piece of jewelry that has become an important part of your wedding or any other special occasion. It symbolizes strength, prosperity and success in life. The Kada can be made from either plain gold or have intricate designs engraved on it.It is usually worn on the right arm by men and women alike.

Some even consider the kada to be auspicious as they believe that wearing it brings good luck, success and wealth into their lives. As a sign of respect, some people wear multiple kadas stacked together which signifies their faithfulness towards God and loyalty towards family members. In addition to this, some believe that wearing a gold kada also helps protect you from negative energy and keeps you away from bad omens or curses placed upon them by others with malicious intent.

.No matter what the reason may be for wearing one, owning a gold Kada will always remain an integral part of Indian culture as it has been passed down through generations since ancient times!

What is the Making Charges for Gold in Dubai?

The making charges for gold in Dubai vary depending on the type of gold and the jewellery maker. Typically, 22k gold is used to make jewellery in Dubai and most jewellers charge a making fee of approximately 1% – 4%, based on the weight of your chosen piece. This means that if you buy 10 grams of 22k gold jewelry at AED 350 per gram, then the total cost would be AED 3500 plus an additional AED 140 as making charges (4%).

If you are looking for something more special or intricate, like diamond-studded pieces, then you may have to pay a slightly higher price due to the extra labour involved. You should also consider any additional costs such as shipping fees or taxes associated with purchasing from a specific seller before committing to any purchase.


In conclusion, the Dubai Gold Kada Design is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that has been crafted with precision and beauty. It is an excellent representation of the craftsmanship and skill of the artisans in Dubai who have dedicated their lives to perfecting such designs. The kada itself can be worn as a symbol of status or wealth, while at the same time being fashionable and stylish.

Whether you are looking for something special to wear on special occasions or just want to add a touch of class to your wardrobe, this design will certainly do the trick.

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