Gold Butta Kammalu

Gold Butta Kammalu (traditional jewellery) are a type of traditional Indian ornaments, made with gold metal. These are generally worn by the women in South India and are very popular among them. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be adorned by brides on their wedding day as well as for other auspicious occasions.

The designs vary from simple ones to intricate works depending upon the occasion for which it is being worn. Gold butta kammalu usually consist of tiny beads, bells, jhumka/jhumki earrings, baju bandh necklace (armlet), gajra/haar garland around the neck, nath nose ring etc., all made from gold metal. They add a unique charm to any attire and bring out its beauty even more so than when left plain without any accessories.

Gold Butta Kammalu is a popular South Indian jewelry trend that has been gaining traction over the past few years. These unique and elegant pieces are made with gold and small stones, which add an extra touch of sparkle to any outfit. Gold Butta Kammalu can be worn as everyday jewelry or for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, festivals and more.

They make great gifts too! With their classic design and eye-catching beauty, it’s no wonder why this trend continues to be so popular among people in India and around the world.

Gold Butta Kammalu


What are Gold Butta Kammalu

Gold Butta Kammalu are traditional South Indian jewelry pieces that have been worn by women for centuries. They are typically made of gold and feature intricate designs, often featuring motifs such as flowers, birds, and deities. The pieces usually hang from the neck or waist in a long chain.

Gold Butta Kammalu are said to bring luck and prosperity to those who wear them, making them popular among brides-to-be. Moreover, they can be handed down from mother to daughter over generations as a symbol of love and connection between family members. Aside from being beautiful accessories, these pieces also carry cultural significance; some believe wearing certain types of Gold Butta Kammalu indicates one’s religion or caste status within society.

Gold Butta Kammalu are Traditional Jewellery Pieces Worn by Married Women in South India, Typically on the Forehead Or Hairline

Gold Butta Kammalu, also known as ‘Guttapusalu’, are traditional and ornate jewellery pieces made of gold and worn by married South Indian women. These striking accessories typically adorn the woman’s forehead or hairline, below the parting of her hair. The intricate designs vary from region to region but all feature a central pendant flanked on each side by smaller ones forming an attractive point at the centre of the forehead or just above it.

They often come in multiple layers with pearl strings dangling down. Gold Butta Kammalu are considered auspicious symbols that bring good luck to brides and as such they are usually gifted during weddings or other important ceremonies like baby showers. In some parts of India, these jewellery pieces have even been used for centuries as part of a bride’s dowry!

While modern-day fashion has seen its share of changes in terms of wedding jewellery trends, Gold Butta Kammalu remain timeless reminders of our rich cultural heritage and will continue to be cherished for years to come!

They Consist of a Tiny Gold Plate With Intricate Designs And Colorful Stones

Small yet stunning, gold plates adorned with intricate designs and colorful stones have become a popular choice in jewelry. These pieces of jewelry combine elegance and sophistication while also adding a touch of glamour that can be worn for any occasion. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials to fit your individual style.

Whether you prefer something small or large, these plates are sure to draw attention wherever they’re worn. The beautiful designs add character to each piece, making it unique and just as eye-catching whether you’re wearing them casually or dressed up for the night. With the range of colors available from vibrant blues to deep reds, there is something for everyone regardless of their personal taste.

Not only do they make an excellent addition to any outfit but they also provide a sophisticated way to show off your sense of style without being overly flashy or overbearing. Gold plates with intricate designs and colorful stones are truly timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion no matter what trends may come along in the future!

How Long Has This Tradition Been around

This tradition has been around for centuries, with its roots stretching back to ancient times. It is impossible to pinpoint exactly when it began, but its influence on our culture can be seen in many places today. The tradition of celebrating special occasions and marking important milestones by exchanging gifts has been part of human existence since the dawn of civilization.

In some cultures, such as those in the Middle East and India, gift giving is even considered a religious practice. Throughout history, gifting has evolved into an expression of love and appreciation between family members and friends. Today, we still use gifts to show how much we care about someone or recognize their achievements – whether they are big or small!

The Tradition of Wearing Gold Butta Kammalu Dates Back to Ancient Times When It was Believed to Bring Luck And Prosperity to the Wearer As Well As Ward off Evil Spirits from Their Homes

Gold Butta Kammalu is a traditional jewelry piece that has been passed down from generations in India. It dates back to ancient times when it was believed that wearing this jewelry would bring luck and prosperity to the wearer, as well as protect them from evil spirits. The Butta Kammalu are typically made of gold and feature intricate designs with various symbols such as flowers, birds, animals and religious motifs.

They usually have a central pendant surrounded by other smaller pieces connected together by chains or strings made of gold threads. According to Hindu mythology, these auspicious pieces are said to represent Goddess Lakshmi who is believed to be the divine granter of wealth and prosperity. Wearing Gold Butta Kammalu during special occasions such as weddings or festivals is considered very auspicious in India since they provide protection against bad luck while also adding an element of beauty and elegance to any outfit.

Where Can I Buy These Jewellery Pieces

If you’re looking for jewellery pieces that are unique and beautiful, then look no further! There are plenty of places where you can buy these lovely items. You can shop online at stores such as Etsy, Amazon, or eBay to find a variety of handmade and vintage pieces from around the world.

Additionally, if you prefer shopping in person, there are many local artisans who specialize in creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Don’t forget about brick-and-mortar jewelry stores too! They often carry a selection of designer jewelry as well as handmade pieces from independent artists.

Finally, antique markets and flea markets offer an eclectic mix of older pieces that have been lovingly cared for over time—perfect for those seeking something truly special. No matter what your preference is when it comes to buying jewellery, there’s sure to be something out there just perfect for you!

You Can Find Authentic Gold Butta Kammalus at Local Markets And Jewelry Stores in South India, Especially in Tamil Nadu And Kerala Regions Where the Craft Originated from

You can find authentic Gold Butta Kammalus, an ancient form of traditional Indian jewelry, at local markets and jewelry stores in South India. This type of jewelry originated from the Tamil Nadu and Kerala regions, where it has been crafted for centuries using age-old techniques that are still used today. It is made by hammering gold sheets into intricate patterns and then combining them with colorful gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and more to create a mesmerizing piece of art.

The end result is a stunning work of beauty that symbolizes prosperity, wealth and good luck – which makes it especially popular among brides during their wedding ceremonies in these parts of India. Not only does this type of jewelry look beautiful but also carries great cultural significance as well – making it something truly special for those who wear it!

Butta Kammalu Small

Butta Kammalu Small is a traditional South Indian hair accessory. It consists of 5 to 7 small gold or silver coins that are strung together and tied around the braided hair in a knotted pattern. This fashion item has been popular for centuries among South Indian women, usually worn on special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

The Butta Kammalu Small adds a touch of elegance to any hairstyle and is said to signify wealth, prosperity, good luck and fortune!


In conclusion, Gold Butta Kammalu are a unique and interesting type of jewelry that is sure to make an impression. They are the perfect way to add some sparkle and style to any outfit and can be customized in various ways for those who wish to have something truly special. Whether you choose the classic design or opt for something more contemporary, these beautiful pieces will surely bring good luck and prosperity into your life.

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