Hawaii Necklace

A Hawaii necklace is a traditional Hawaiian jewelry piece that consists of a lei-style necklace made from shells or other natural materials. It can also be made from flowers, seeds, wood beads, glass beads, and/or precious metals such as gold and silver. The most popular color for these necklaces is white to symbolize purity and peace in the Islands.

These necklaces are often given as gifts for special occasions such as weddings or graduations, or simply worn by people who have an affinity for Hawaiian culture. They are usually seen around the necks of locals on their day-to-day activities with many sporting multiple strands to show off their cultural pride.

Hawaii necklaces are a beautiful way to show off your love of the Hawaiian Islands. These stunning pieces of jewelry come in many styles, such as simple pendants, chokers, and delicate lariats. Each one is handcrafted with intricate designs inspired by the native culture and natural beauty of Hawaii.

Whether you choose a classic piece made from gold or silver or something more exotic like abalone shell or koa wood, these necklaces will be sure to make you feel connected to the islands no matter where you are.

Hawaii Necklace Name

The Hawaiian name for a necklace is “lei”. These necklaces are made with flowers and other materials, such as shells or feathers, and are worn to represent love, friendship, and admiration. The lei is an important part of Hawaiian culture and often given as gifts on special occasions.

In addition to being a symbol of affection or respect, the lei also serves as a reminder of one’s connection to the islands.

Hawaii Necklace Flower

The Hawaii Necklace Flower, or lei pua melia, is a delicate and fragrant bloom native to the Hawaiian Islands. This unique flower has five petals that are arranged in a star-like pattern and can come in shades of pink, white, yellow, orange and red. The flower’s beautiful appearance makes it popular for use as an ornament for special occasions like weddings and other celebrations.

It is also known to symbolize love and affection throughout the islands of Hawaii.

Hawaii Necklace Gold

Hawaii Necklace Gold is a perfect accessory to show off your island style. This beautiful necklace is made of 14k gold and features a unique design with intricate details, giving it the look of an ancient Hawaiian artifact. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for everyday use or special occasions.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless piece that will be treasured for years to come or simply want something special to commemorate your time in paradise, Hawaii Necklace Gold is sure to impress!

Traditional Hawaiian Necklace

The traditional Hawaiian necklace, or lei, is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. It is made from fragrant flowers, shells, feathers and other natural materials found in the islands of Hawaii. The lei has been used for centuries as a way to show respect and honour someone special.

A lei is often given at special occasions such as weddings or graduations to symbolize love, friendship and good luck. Each type of flower carries its own meaning which adds an extra layer of symbolism to this timeless piece of jewelry.

Hawaii Necklace Beads

Hawaiian necklace beads, or “lei,” are a traditional form of adornment worn in Hawaii and across Polynesia. The necklaces consist of brightly colored beads made from natural materials such as shells, wood, feathers, seeds and semi-precious stones. Each type of bead is carefully handcrafted to represent special meanings such as love and friendship.

Hawaiian lei symbolizes the beauty of the islands and their culture, with each unique design reflecting its own story.

Hawaii Necklace

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What are Those Hawaiian Necklaces Called?

Hawaiian necklaces are commonly known as leis. Leis have a long history and significance in Hawaiian culture, dating back to ancient times when they were used for ceremonial occasions such as weddings, funerals, and other special events. Traditionally made from flowers or leaves of the islands’ native plants, today you can find many types of lei that are crafted from materials like shells, feathers, beads and even fabric.

Whether you simply want to look stylish while visiting Hawaii or wish to give someone an authentic gift with cultural importance, these beautiful adornments provide an ideal way to make any occasion memorable!

What is the Meaning of Necklace in Hawaii?

The necklace holds a special place in Hawaiian culture, representing the strong bonds of family and friendship. It is an important symbol of identity and belonging, with each piece having its own unique design that reflects the wearer’s individual personality. The traditional lei-style necklaces are made from shells, feathers or leaves strung together on a cord or string to form intricate patterns.

These pieces can be worn as a single strand around the neck or doubled over for extra length. In modern times, pendants featuring images of Hawaii’s iconic landscapes such as volcanoes and beaches have become popular choices for those looking to show their connection to this beautiful part of the world. Each necklace carries its own meaning; it could represent good luck, love and protection – whatever sentiment you choose!

What Type of Jewelry is Hawaii Known For?

Hawaii is known for its unique and beautiful jewelry, which has become a symbol of the islands. The most distinctive type of jewelry from Hawaii is the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, which is made with traditional materials such as coconut shell and Koa wood. This type of jewelry often features intricate carvings in designs that represent the culture or history of the Islands.

Additionally, many pieces feature semi-precious stones such as opal, jade and coral to create stunningly vibrant pieces. Another popular type of Hawaiian jewelry are lei pendants; these necklaces typically consist of colorful flowers strung together on a cord or string to form an eye-catching necklace. Finally, there are also many custom designed rings available that feature precious metals such as gold or silver combined with gemstones like diamonds for an elegant look that captures both the beauty and spirit of Hawaii.

What are Polynesian Necklaces Called?

Polynesian necklaces, also known as ‘HeiMatau’, are a traditional form of jewelry that has been worn by the Polynesian people for centuries. These necklaces typically feature carved designs which depict meaning and symbolism related to family heritage, connection to the ocean or other natural elements, protection from evil spirits and more. The HeiMatau shape is often used in these pieces because it resembles an anchor-like shape and symbolizes strength and stability.

Some modern Polynesian necklaces may have added decorations such as gemstones or shells for extra beauty or personal significance. While wearing a HeiMatau necklace is seen as a way of honoring one’s ancestors in contemporary times, this type of jewelry was originally meant to be used as protection against malevolent forces while out at sea fishing during ancient times.


In conclusion, the Hawaii Necklace is a timeless and beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn for any occasion. It’s ideal for those who want to show their Hawaiian pride or just add a splash of color and style to any outfit. Whether you are a local or planning on visiting the islands, this necklace will surely bring out your inner Aloha spirit!

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