Internally Threaded Jewelry

Internally threaded jewelry is a type of body piercing accessory. The term “internally threaded” refers to the way the jewelry piece is designed; it has an internal thread that allows for easy removal and insertion of the jewelry. Internally threaded pieces are usually made from stainless steel, titanium or gold, but can also be made from other materials such as acrylics and plastics.

They come in a variety of styles including barbells, labret studs, capture beads, circular barbells and more. Some internally threaded pieces have removable end caps which can be used to customize the look of your piercing without having to replace the entire piece.

Internally threaded jewelry gives you the best of both worlds – it looks beautiful and is also comfortable to wear. With no sharp edges, internally threaded jewelry prevents snagging on clothing and hair as well as being gentle on your skin. It’s made with a unique threading system that securely holds each piece in place without damaging your piercings.

Internally threaded jewelry comes in a range of styles from classic stud earrings to statement rings so there’s something for everyone!

Internally Threaded Jewelry


Is Internally Threaded Jewelry Better?

When it comes to jewelry, there are many different types, styles and materials available. One of the most important decisions you can make when selecting a piece of jewelry is whether or not to go with internally threaded jewelry. Internally threaded jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its multiple benefits over traditional externally threaded pieces.

The main difference between the two is that internally threaded pieces have small threads on the inside of the post rather than outside like external threading does. This allows for a smoother insertion and removal from piercings as well as providing more security and comfort against movement or rotation during wear. Additionally, internal threads provide less irritation around the piercing site since they do not catch onto clothing or body parts like external threading can which helps reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with certain piercings such as earlobe gauges.

As a result, internally threaded jewelry tends to be much safer for long-term wearing than externally threaded varieties making them a great choice for those looking for an investment piece that will last through years of use without causing damage to your piercing sites!

What Does Internally Threaded Jewelry Mean?

Internally threaded jewelry is a type of body piercing jewelry that is designed to be inserted into the hole created by a piercing. It features an internal threading system, which allows for easy insertion and removal of the jewelry without damaging the skin or causing discomfort. The threads are usually made from high quality stainless steel, titanium, or other durable materials that are safe for use in piercings.

Internally threaded jewelry can also help reduce irritation and infection risk since there is no contact between metal parts like with externally threaded pieces. This makes it great for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies caused by certain metals used in traditional body jewellery pieces. Furthermore, internally threaded jewelry typically has a more aesthetically pleasing look than its externally threaded counterpart as they don’t require bulky nuts and bolts to keep them secure once inside the pierced area.

Is Internally Threaded Jewelry Better Than Threadless?

When it comes to the debate of internally threaded jewelry vs. threadless jewelry, there is no definitive right answer, as each option has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when making a decision. Internally threaded jewelry has a smoother feel than threadless styles since the threads are hidden within the post or barbell of the piece. This can make them more comfortable for daily wear and can also help reduce any potential skin irritation from rubbing against exposed threads.

Additionally, internally threaded pieces provide users with peace of mind knowing that their precious items won’t come undone due to an unexpected snag or fall, as they won’t come off until unscrewed by hand. On the other hand, threadless pieces offer an impressive range of customization options since different gems in various sizes and shapes can be easily switched out without worrying about having to re-thread each new addition every time something changes.

How Do You Tell If a Piercing is Internally Threaded?

When it comes to body piercings, knowing if your jewelry is internally threaded or not can be important for both safety and comfort. Internally-threaded (IT) piercing jewelry has threads on the inside of the post instead of the outside. This makes insertion much smoother since there are no edges that can snag or scratch the skin.

To determine whether a piece of jewelry is IT, you should look closely at the end where it screws in to check for any visible threading. If you don’t see any, then chances are that it’s an IT piece of jewelry. Additionally, when unscrewing a piece of IT piercing jewelry, you will feel a smooth surface rather than bumps – which would indicate externally-threaded (ET) jewelry.

Finally, another way to tell if your piercing is IT or ET is by feeling its weight: due to their design and construction process, IT pieces tend to be slightly heavier than ET ones. Knowing whether your piercing is IT or ET can help ensure that you have a safe and comfortable experience with body modification!

Internally Threaded Jewelry Vs. Externally Threaded

Internally threaded jewelry is a type of body piercing jewelry in which the threading on the post is located internally, meaning that it is hidden from view and protected from outside elements. As opposed to externally threaded jewelry, where the threads are on the outside of the piece, internally threaded jewelry allows for smoother insertion as well as more comfortable wear since there are no sharp edges or ridges to catch on your skin. Additionally, with internally threaded pieces there’s no need to worry about losing an external nut or ball because they’re already secured inside.

Where to Buy Internally Threaded Jewelry

If you are looking for a place to purchase internally threaded jewelry, then your best bet is to shop online. There are numerous websites that specialize in selling this type of jewelry and offer a wide variety of styles and metals from which to choose. Additionally, some sites even offer custom designs so you can create the perfect piece for yourself or someone special.

Shopping online also allows you to compare prices more easily so that you can find the best deal.

Internally Threaded Jewelry Vs Threadless

Internally threaded jewelry and threadless jewelry are both popular piercing options for body piercings. Internally threaded jewelry is the more traditional option, featuring a post with threads on the inside that screw into other pieces of internally threaded jewelry. Threadless designs feature a notch or groove in one end of the piece that slides over a pin on another part of the design, holding them together without needing any screws.

Both types have pros and cons; while internal threading may provide better security against unintended openings, it can be difficult to get a tight fit between pieces due to differences in thread size and shape. On the flip side, threadless designs tend to be easier to assemble but may not always stay securely closed if bumped or jostled during daily activities.

How to Insert Internally Threaded Jewelry

Inserting internally threaded jewelry is a relatively easy process if you have the right tools. To start, use a pair of bent-nose forceps to grasp and hold the jewelry in place. Next, carefully thread the post through your piercing until it feels snugly seated against your skin.

Finally, use either an adjustable wrench or pliers to tighten and secure the back portion of the jewelry onto its post. With proper care and maintenance, your internally threaded jewelry should stay securely in place for years to come!

Internally Threaded Jewelry Septum

Internally threaded jewelry septum is a popular body piercing option for those who want to decorate their nose. This type of septum piercing requires two pieces: an internally threaded barbell, which has the threads on the inside and is inserted into the nostril, and a decorative top piece that screws onto the barbell. Internally threaded jewelry septums are preferred by many piercers because they provide a more comfortable experience than externally-threaded pieces; furthermore, since there isn’t any exposed threading at all, it makes cleaning much easier.

Internally Threaded Jewelry near Me

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Internally Threaded Stud Earrings

Internally threaded stud earrings are a type of earring that is designed to provide comfort and security during wear. Unlike traditional studs, an internally threaded stud has a post with a smooth interior, making it easier to insert into the piercing without causing discomfort or irritation. Additionally, they stay securely in place due to the threading on the inside which creates more friction between the two pieces, helping them remain snugly against your lobe throughout your day.

Internally Threaded Jewelry Tops

Internally threaded jewelry tops are a type of body jewelry that is used to secure gemstones and other decorative features. Unlike externally threaded pieces, internally threaded tops have threads on the inside which make it easier to attach gems or charms securely without worrying about them slipping off. The internal threading also helps ensure that the piece won’t snag while you’re wearing it, making it perfect for everyday wear.


In conclusion, internally threaded jewelry is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality body piercing jewelry. From the comfort and ease of insertion to its beautiful aesthetic appeal, internally threaded jewelry offers a wide range of benefits that make it a great option for anyone who wants quality body piercings. With so many different materials available, you can find the perfect piece that suits your individual style and needs.

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