Submissive Necklace

A submissive necklace is a piece of jewelry worn by individuals in the BDSM lifestyle. It symbolizes that the wearer has consented to give control and authority over them to another person, typically their dominant partner. The necklace often includes a pendant featuring an emblem or icon associated with submission, such as handcuffs or other bondage gear.

Submissive necklaces can also be used as conversation starters between two people who are interested in exploring BDSM activities together. Wearing this type of jewelry is seen as an outward sign of trust and commitment between partners involved in power exchange relationships.

The submissive necklace is an important symbol for those who practice BDSM. It serves as a reminder of the commitment between two partners and their roles within the relationship. This can be anything from a simple necklace with one partner’s name on it, to something more complex that has a special meaning to both people involved.

The necklaces can represent various levels of submission and dominance in different ways, helping create an unspoken language between the two partners.

Submissive Necklace


What Does a Circle Necklace Mean for a Submissive?

A circle necklace is a common symbol within the BDSM community, typically representing submission. It serves as a reminder to both the submissive and their partner of their commitment and connection in the power exchange relationship. The circle shape signifies eternity, completeness, unity, protection and devotion – all qualities that often come into play during a D/s dynamic.

For some people it can also be seen as an outward expression of one’s inner strength or courage to take part in such an intimate lifestyle. As such, wearing this type of jewelry can have powerful psychological effects on those involved in D/s relationships; reminding them both that they are connected through mutual respect, trust and communication – even when not physically together.

What is a Day Collar for Her?

A day collar is a type of jewelry, usually in the form of a necklace or choker, which is worn by someone who identifies as being in a BDSM relationship. It symbolizes that the wearer is owned and controlled by their partner, even during normal everyday activities. Day collars can be made from different materials such as leather, metal, velvet or satin and often feature charms or pendants to identify each other in public.

The wearing of this type of jewelry helps to maintain the power exchange between partners and serves as an outward expression of submission for those involved. It also offers comfort and security knowing that your partner has ownership over you even when they are not around.

What is a Collar Style Necklace?

A collar style necklace is a fashionable jewelry piece that typically fits snugly around the neck. It’s often made of metal with intricate designs, such as links or circles. Collar-style necklaces are timeless and can be worn for any occasion, from casual to formalwear.

They come in a range of colors and shapes to suit your style. Some classic collar styles include Chokers, Bibs, Chains and Bolos. Chokers feature a single band of metal that sits at the base of the neck while bibs feature multiple strands that form an X shape across the chest.

Chain styles usually have several connected bands around the neckline whereas bolos look more like pendants on a string or chain and sit slightly lower than other types of collars.


In conclusion, the Submissive Necklace is a great option for anyone looking for an attractive piece of jewelry that symbolizes their submission. It can be worn as a reminder to stay humble and obedient, or simply as a way to show off your submissiveness. Whatever your reason may be, this necklace is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident wearing it.

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