Types of Necklace Chain

Types of Necklace Chain

A necklace chain is the part of a necklace that connects the pendant, charm, or other object to be worn around one’s neck. Necklace chains come in many different styles and types. The most commonly seen necklace chains are rolo, snake, box, cable, wheat/spiga, figaro, curb and marina style chains.

A rolo chain features round links connected together in an alternating pattern with oval links for added texture and design. Snake chains have small flat metal discs linked together to resemble a snake’s body. Box-style necklace chains feature square links interlocking together for a sleek look.

Cable-style chains consist of round wire made into even circles which link up seamlessly when put together forming small rows of oval shapes that resemble cables used on suspension bridges. Wheat/Spiga (Italian) style has flattened twisted strands resembling wheat stalks while Figaro-style consists of two or three smaller circular rings followed by one elongated ring creating a repeating pattern down the entire length of the chain giving it an interesting texture and appearance.

Necklace chains come in a variety of styles and materials, from delicate fine gold or silver to bold statement pieces. Popular chain types include Figaro, Rope, Box, Curb and Snake chains. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose from chunky links with an industrial feel or more intricate designs that add elegance to your ensemble.

No matter what type of necklace chain you prefer, there’s something for everyone when it comes to accessorizing!

Types of Necklace Chain

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What are the Different Types of Neck Chains?

When it comes to accessorizing, neck chains are a great way to add some flair and pizzazz to your outfit. Neck chains come in many different types and styles, including chokers, pendants, collars, lariats, sautoirs and more. Chokers are short necklaces that sit close around the base of the neck.

Pendants hang from a longer chain or cord and may feature charms or other decorative elements. Collars are similar to chokers but with a more structured look that often features intricate designs or stones. Lariats are long rope-like chains which can be worn in various ways depending on their length – they can be knotted around the neck like a scarf or draped low across the chest for an unexpected effect.

Sautoirs also hang down over the chest area but usually feature tassels attached at one end – these eye-catching pieces make bold statements when paired with evening wear! Finally there’s dog tags – these traditional military style tags have become popular fashion accessories thanks to their edgy yet classic appeal. Whether you prefer something simple or statement-making, there’s no doubt that adding any type of necklace is an easy way to take your look up a notch!

What Style Necklace Chain is Strongest?

When it comes to choosing the right necklace chain, strength should be a priority. The strongest type of necklace chain is usually constructed from metals such as stainless steel or titanium, since these materials are incredibly durable and less likely to wear down over time. Stainless steel chains are also more resistant to tarnishing than some other types of metal, so they’re ideal for everyday wear.

Additionally, certain styles of necklaces like figaro chains come with built-in links that provide extra reinforcement against breakage. If you’re looking for an even stronger option, consider a box link or curb link chain made out of stainless steel – these have thicker links that minimize the risk of them becoming damaged or broken in any way. Ultimately, choosing a strong and sturdy necklace chain will ensure your jewellery piece lasts longer and remains in good condition no matter what life throws at it!

What is the Most Popular Type of Necklace Chain?

The most popular type of necklace chain is undoubtedly the classic Figaro chain. This timeless design features three small round links followed by a larger oval link, repeating to create an elegant and versatile look that complements any outfit. The Figaro chain can be found in both silver and gold varieties, as well as in different lengths and widths so it’s perfect for layering or wearing alone.

Aside from its enduring style, this necklace chain is also known for being strong yet lightweight – making it comfortable to wear all day long without feeling weighed down. Whether you’re looking for something understated or more statement-making, the Figaro necklace will provide just what you need to complete your look with effortless style.

What Type of Chain Will Not Pull Hair?

When it comes to choosing the right type of chain for your hair, it is important that you choose one that will not pull or damage your locks. A good option for this would be a box chain. A box chain has small squares linked together in a pattern which creates an incredibly smooth surface and prevents tangles from occurring.

This makes them ideal for those who have fine or thin strands as they won’t cause any breakage or tugging when being put on and off the head. Additionally, these chains are usually made out of stainless steel which means they will last much longer than other types of metal chains without suffering any corrosion caused by sweat or water exposure. Finally, if you want something with a bit more sparkle then there are also box chains available with crystals embedded into each link – perfect if you want to add some glamour to your look!

Name Different Types of Gold Chains

Gold chains come in a variety of styles and designs. Popular types of gold chain include the classic Rope chain, Box Chain, Figaro chain, Curb Chain, Mariner Link chain, Singapore Chain and Snake Chain. Each type is distinct in its own way with varying widths and links that create an individual look for each style.

Depending on your preference you can choose from lightweight delicate pieces to more bold statement pieces for a unique look.

Curb Chain Necklace

A curb chain necklace is a classic and timeless jewelry piece. It features oval-shaped links that create an elegant look for both men and women. Curb chains are available in sterling silver, gold, rose gold, or white gold – making them the perfect accessory to any wardrobe!

They can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces for more intricate styling options. With its simple yet sophisticated look, it’s no wonder why the curb chain has become such a popular choice among fashionistas everywhere!

Link Chain Necklace

A link chain necklace is a classic style of jewelry that has been around for centuries. It features an interlocking pattern of metal links, which can be made from gold, silver, or even stainless steel. Link chain necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one to fit your personal taste and wardrobe needs.

Whether it’s a delicate fine-link necklace or bold chunky links, this timeless design will add the perfect touch to any ensemble.

Wheat Chain Necklace

A wheat chain necklace is a type of gold jewelry that features a design made up of small round oval links. These links are woven together to create an intricate and eye-catching pattern, making them perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Wheat chains are often given as gifts due to their timeless elegance, and they can be found in various sizes, colors, and lengths so you can find the perfect one for yourself or someone special.


In conclusion, there is a wide variety of necklace chain types to choose from and each type has its own unique features. Whether you are looking for something simple or more ornate, the perfect necklace chain style can be found to suit any occasion. With so many options available, it is easy to find a look that is both fashionable and timeless.

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