10 Day Italy Itinerary

A 10 Day Italy Itinerary includes iconic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, offering a perfect balance of art, culture, and history. Welcome to Italy, a country that holds ancient ruins, Renaissance masterpieces, and romantic canals.

With a 10-day Italy itinerary, you can explore the highlights of this enchanting country, including the eternal city of Rome, the artistic center of Florence, and the romantic city of Venice. From the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and the Vatican in Rome to the stunning art collections in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the scenic gondola rides along the canals of Venice, this itinerary offers a perfect blend of history, art, and culture.

Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply a lover of picturesque landscapes, Italy has something for everyone. So grab your passport and get ready for an unforgettable journey through this timeless destination.

10 Day Italy Itinerary

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Day 1: Arrival In Rome

Begin your 10-day Italy itinerary in the eternal city of Rome. In the morning, embark on a journey through history as you explore ancient Rome. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Pantheon. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Roman Empire.

In the afternoon, venture into Vatican City, a tiny independent state within Rome. Marvel at the breathtaking Sistine Chapel and admire the masterpiece of Michelangelo’s frescoes. Discover the revered St. Peter’s Basilica and explore its magnificent architecture.

As the sun sets, make your way to the stunning Trevi Fountain. Toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish, ensuring your return to Rome. Take a moment to savor the enchanting atmosphere and capture beautiful memories of this iconic landmark.

10 Day Italy Itinerary

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Day 2: Florence

Day 2 of your Italy itinerary is all about exploring the beautiful city of Florence. Start your morning by exploring Florence’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lose yourself in the charming streets lined with Renaissance architecture, vibrant markets, and local shops. Don’t forget to visit the iconic Duomo and marvel at its magnificent dome.

In the afternoon, head to the renowned Uffizi Gallery, home to an extensive collection of Renaissance art. Admire masterpieces by artists like Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic legacy of Florence.

As the day winds down, make your way to Piazzale Michelangelo for a breathtaking view of the city at sunset. This iconic square offers panoramic views of Florence, including the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio. Capture the beauty of the city as the sun casts a golden hue over the enchanting landscape.

Day 3: Cinque Terre

In Day 3 of your 10-day Italy itinerary, explore the magnificent Cinque Terre region, known for its picturesque coastal villages and stunning hiking trails.

Start your morning by tackling the Cinque Terre Trails, a network of scenic paths that connect the five villages. From Monterosso, you can choose from various routes based on your fitness level and preferences. The trails offer breathtaking views of the colorful houses perched on cliffs and the sparkling Ligurian Sea.

After an adventurous morning, head to Monterosso Beach for a well-deserved break. This sandy beach is the largest in Cinque Terre and offers a tranquil spot to relax, swim, or soak up the sun. Unwind as you take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

In the evening, make your way to Riomaggiore to witness a mesmerizing sunset. This charming village is known for its romantic atmosphere and vibrant colors. Find a cozy spot along the waterfront promenade or climb up to a viewpoint to capture the breathtaking hues of the sunset over the sea.

In Day 3 of your Italy itinerary, immerse yourself in the natural beauty and charm of Cinque Terre, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Day 4: Venice

Venice, also known as the “Floating City,” is a must-visit destination on your 10-day Italy itinerary. Start your morning by exploring the iconic St. Mark’s Square, the heart of Venice. Marvel at the stunning architecture of St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Don’t forget to sip a cup of coffee at one of the bustling cafes while soaking in the Venetian atmosphere.

In the afternoon, experience the charm of Venice by taking a gondola ride on the Grand Canal. Cruise through the picturesque canals, passing elegant palaces and colorful buildings. It’s a romantic and scenic way to explore the city from a different perspective.

As the evening sets in, make your way to the famous Rialto Bridge. This iconic bridge is not only a popular tourist spot but also a bustling hub of activity. Take a leisurely stroll along the bridge, shop for souvenirs at the nearby markets, and enjoy panoramic views of the Grand Canal. Take this opportunity to capture some Instagram-worthy photos to remember your visit to Venice.

Day 5: Tuscany

Discover the charm of Tuscany on Day 5 of your 10-day Italy itinerary. Immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, visit historic towns like Florence and Siena, and indulge in authentic Italian cuisine and wines. Let the beauty of Tuscany captivate your senses.

Start your day in Tuscany with a delightful wine tasting experience in the picturesque region of Chianti. Explore the charming vineyards and learn about the traditional winemaking process while savoring the rich flavors of the local wines. After indulging in the world of wine, head to the medieval hilltop town of San Gimignano. Wander through its narrow streets adorned with ancient towers and marvel at the well-preserved architecture. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this UNESCO World Heritage site. As the sun sets, make your way to Siena for a memorable dinner. Indulge in authentic Tuscan cuisine while enjoying the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this medieval city. Siena’s charming alleyways and stunning Piazza del Campo will leave you enchanted.

Day 6: Amalfi Coast

Your sixth day on your 10-day Italy itinerary begins with exploring the picturesque town of Positano. Nestled on the Amalfi Coast, Positano offers stunning views of colorful cliffside homes, a charming beach, and quaint alleys lined with boutique shops and cafes. Take a leisurely stroll along the narrow streets, admiring the vibrant architecture and absorbing the relaxed atmosphere.

In the afternoon, embark on a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast. Cruise along the coast, witnessing the sheer beauty of rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the cool breezes and ocean spray as your boat takes you to the charming seaside towns of Amalfi and Ravello. Explore their narrow streets, visit stunning coastal villas, and indulge in local cuisine.

As the day draws to a close, head to the town of Sorrento to witness a breathtaking sunset. This cliffside town offers panoramic views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Find a cozy spot to relax and watch as the vibrant colors of the sunset paint the sky. Savor the moment and capture beautiful photos of this magical experience.

Day 7: Pompeii And Mount Vesuvius

On day 7 of your 10 Day Italy Itinerary, explore the fascinating archaeological site of Pompeii in the morning. Join a guided tour to immerse yourself in the ancient city’s history and learn about the tragic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Wander through Pompeii’s remarkably preserved ruins, including the Forum, the amphitheater, and the House of the Faun.

In the afternoon, challenge yourself with a hike up Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that caused the destruction of Pompeii. Ascending to the crater offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including the Bay of Naples and the city of Naples. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water.

As the evening approaches, it’s time to return to Rome. Reflect on the wonders and historical marvels you have witnessed during your day trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Relax and reminisce about the day’s adventures as you make your way back to the capital city.

10 Day Italy Itinerary

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Frequently Asked Questions Of 10 Day Italy Itinerary

Is 10 Days Long Enough In Italy?

Yes, 10 days in Italy is enough to explore popular cities, visit historical sites, and enjoy local cuisine. You can cover iconic places like Rome, Florence, Venice, and still have time for smaller towns. Plan your itinerary wisely to make the most of your trip.

Can You See All Of Italy In 10 Days?

No, you can’t see all of Italy in 10 days. Italy has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, and stunning landscapes. It’s best to focus on specific regions or cities to make the most of your visit.

Is Cinque Terre Or Amalfi Coast Better?

Both Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast offer stunning coastal views and vibrant towns. However, Cinque Terre is known for its colorful houses and scenic hiking trails, while Amalfi Coast boasts luxurious resorts and iconic cliffside towns. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences for scenery and atmosphere.

How Much Does It Cost For 2 People To Go To Italy For 10 Days?

The cost of a 10-day trip to Italy for two people varies depending on factors like accommodations, transportation, and activities. On average, budgeting around $3,000-$5,000, including flights and daily expenses, should give you a good estimate.

What Are The Must-visit Cities In Italy?

Explore iconic cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan to experience the rich history, art, and culture of Italy.


This 10-day Italy itinerary offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and stunning landscapes. From exploring the ancient ruins of Rome to cruising along the picturesque Amalfi Coast, you’ll create lasting memories. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant local atmosphere.

With this guide, you can seamlessly navigate through Italy’s top destinations and make the most out of your trip. Bon voyage!

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