10 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

1. 22K Gold Jhumka with Pink Zircon Stones: Rs 11,500 2. Meenakari Jhumka in White & Yellow Gold Combo: Rs 9,000 3. 22K Gold Polki Pearl Chandbali Earrings: Rs 8,000

4. Kundan and Emerald Peacock Design Jhumkas: Rs 13,800 5. Antique Gold Jhumkas with Green Stones: Rs 15,800 6. Kudan Work Designer Big Size Temple Jewellery Style Earrings With Pearls Drops :Rs 10,300 7. Round Shape CZ American Diamonds Studded Classic Design Earring :Rs 4100 8 .

Traditional Maroon Gemstone And White Pearl Ethnic Chandbali Earrings :Rs 6200 9 . Yellow and White Two Tone Colorful Stone Party Wear Bali/Jhumki Style Dangler/Hanging earring :Rs 5400 10 .

When it comes to accessorizing an outfit, nothing does the job quite like a beautiful pair of jhumkas. Gold jhumkas add a touch of timeless glamour and elegance to any look, so if you’re looking for something special, why not take a look at these 10 gorgeous gold jhumka designs? From classic styles to contemporary designs, there’s sure to be something here that will suit your sense of style – and all with prices starting from just Rs. 500!

So get ready to dazzle and make heads turn wherever you go with one of these stunning gold jhumka designs!

8 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

Indian women love to adorn themselves with beautiful jewellery and the 8 gram gold jhumka designs have been a popular choice for centuries. These stunning designs come in various shapes, sizes and prices, ranging from affordable options to expensive ones. Whether you are looking for something simple or extravagant, there is sure to be an 8 gram gold jhumka design that will suit your individual style and budget.

From traditional styles featuring intricate detailing and patterns to modern pieces with bold colours, these earrings can add a touch of glamour to any look! Prices vary depending on the quality of the material used but typically range from Rs 3,000-7000 (approx).

22K Gold Jhumkas in 10 Grams

22K Gold Jhumkas are a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry to add to any collection. These ornate earrings weigh 10 grams each, making them lightweight enough for daily wear without sacrificing the luxurious look that gold provides. 22K gold is 91.6% pure gold, which makes it slightly less expensive than 24K gold but more durable and long-lasting with its higher percentage of alloyed metals like silver and copper.

With their intricate designs and fine craftsmanship, 22K Gold Jhumkas in 10 Grams make for an exquisite accessory that will always be in style!

New Jhumka Design 2022

The latest jhumka designs for 2022 are sure to turn heads! Whether you’re looking for a classic and elegant gold jhumka or something more modern, there is an option to suit everyone’s style. From intricate stone-studded designs with cascading pearls to unique shapes like stars and hearts, these earrings will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

With so many styles available, get ready to make a statement in your new jhumkas this year!

5 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

Jhumka earrings are a timeless classic and look great with any outfit. If you’re looking to make a statement, 5 gram gold jhumka designs are the perfect choice. These intricate pieces come in a range of styles and prices, starting at around 10K and going up to 50K depending on the design.

The heavier weight gives these jhumkas an elegant feel that will be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

10 Gram Gold Jhumka Price

The 10 Gram Gold Jhumka is a classic piece of jewelry that never goes out of style. This traditional Indian design features intricate etching and detail, making it an eye-catching accessory for any occasion. The price of a 10 Gram Gold Jhumka varies depending on the quality and design, but typically varies in the range of Rs 15000 – Rs 20000 (approximately $200-$275).

10 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

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How Many Grams is a Gold Jhumka?

A gold jhumka is a traditional Indian earring, usually crafted from gold and often adorned with intricate designs. It is an important part of the traditional jewelry worn by women in India. But how much does this beautiful piece of jewelry weigh?

The answer depends on the size and type of jhumka you are looking at; however, generally speaking, most standard-sized gold jhumkas will weigh around 15 to 20 grams. Of course, if your jhumka features additional decorations or is larger than average, it may weight more than that – up to 25 grams or even more depending on the design. Gold is also measured in carats (or karats) which refers to its purity level; for example 24K gold signifies pure gold while 18K indicates that there’s 18 parts out of 24 total parts are pure gold.

This means that when buying a jhumka made from 18K gold, it would be heavier than one made from 14k as there’s less “filler” mixed into it. So when shopping for a beautiful new addition to your jewelry collection, make sure you know what kind of metal and karat you want so you can get an accurate estimate on how many grams your chosen piece weighs!

What is the Price of Tanishq Ka Jhumka Ka?

Tanishq is a leading jewellery brand in India, offering an exquisite collection of gold and diamond jewellery. Amongst the most sought after pieces from Tanishq are their jhumkas or earrings. These beautiful jhumkas come in various shapes, sizes, patterns and designs crafted with love using 14k and 18k gold as well as certified diamonds.

The price of these stunning jhumkas depends on the design, weight and type of metal used for making them. Generally speaking, the starting range for a pair of Tanishq Jhumka can be anywhere between Rs 5,000 to 10,000 depending on the quality and workmanship involved in crafting them. For example – a heavy pair made with 18K yellow gold studded with precious stones could cost you around Rs 40-45 thousand while if you opt for something simpler like a plain 14K yellow gold piece it may cost only Rs 4-5 thousand.

So while buying one’s favourite Tanishq Jhumka it pays to check out all your options carefully before investing in any particular piece!

What is the Price of Jhumka in India?

The price of Jhumkas in India varies greatly depending on its style, craftsmanship and the materials used. Traditional jhumkas are usually handmade, often with intricate designs etched into them by skilled artisans. Prices for these can range from a few hundred rupees to several thousand depending on their size and quality.

Gold-plated or gold-filled jhumkas, which have a base layer of sterling silver or copper plating that is then coated with multiple layers of gold, may cost even more due to the additional material costs involved in creating them. On the other hand, fashion jewelry versions made out of plastic or synthetic materials can be much cheaper depending on where you buy them from and how many pieces you purchase at once. In general though we could say that prices for jhumkas start around INR 300 – 500 but can go up significantly if one opts for higher end pieces with precious stones embedded in them as well as those crafted using traditional techniques such as kundan work or meenakari workmanship.

What is the Price of Ruby Jhumka Gold in India?

The price of ruby jhumka gold in India depends on the design, weight, and purity of the metal. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50000 or more for a single pair of ruby jhumkas crafted in gold. The price may also vary depending on where you purchase your jewelry as well as whether it is hallmarked or not.

It is important to note that if you opt for a higher karatage (22K or 24K) of gold when purchasing these earrings, then they are likely going to be much more expensive than those made with 14K or 18K gold alloyed with other metals such as copper and silver. Additionally, the craftsmanship involved and any precious stones used will also affect the cost considerably – so always choose wisely!


In conclusion, the 10 Gram gold jhumka designs with price showcased in this blog post offer a great range of options for any type of special occasion. Whether you are looking for a traditional piece or something more modern and unique, there is likely to be an option that fits perfectly into your budget. The classic design and quality craftsmanship ensures that these pieces will last for years to come.

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