Gold Jhumka With Price

A gold jhumka is a traditional Indian earring that hangs from the lobe of the ear. It typically consists of an upper and lower part, each with a hook or loop at the end to keep it in place. The top part usually has a design such as beads, pearls or stones while the bottom often features small bells for additional decoration.

Gold jhumkas come in many different sizes and styles, ranging from simple designs to very intricate ones. Prices vary depending on factors like quality of materials used and craftsmanship but generally range between Rs 1000 – Rs 10,000 or more for high-end pieces.

A gold jhumka is a perfect way to add some traditional flair to any look. Whether you are looking for something simple and elegant or an elaborate statement piece, there is sure to be a gold jhumka that fits your style perfectly. Prices of gold jhumkas vary depending on the type of metal used, the quality of craftsmanship and the design features.

With so many options available, it’s easy to find an affordable yet beautiful gold jhumka at a price point that works for you.

5 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

For those looking for a classic and timeless jewellery piece, 5 gram gold jhumka designs are the perfect choice. Not only do they exude elegance and charm, but these designs are also available in various price ranges to suit different budgets. From traditional temple motifs to modern geometric patterns, there is something for everyone in the range of 5 gram gold jhumka designs.

Prices generally start from around Rs 4500 upwards depending on the design and craftsmanship involved.

10 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

If you are looking for an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry, then 10 gram gold jhumka designs are the perfect choice! These beautiful earrings come in a variety of styles with prices ranging from around $100 to as high as $1,000. From traditional Indian-inspired designs to more modern looks, there is something available for every taste and budget.

Whether you’re searching for a statement piece or just want to add some sparkle to your collection, 10 gram gold jhumkas should be at the top of your list!

4 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

Gold jhumka earrings are a classic and timeless jewellery piece. They are the perfect accessory for any special occasion or everyday wear. In India, jhumkas come in different styles and designs ranging from traditional to modern.

Here we have listed 4 gram gold jhumka designs with prices to give you some inspiration for your next purchase. From simple round-shaped design to intricate filigree work, these pieces will add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your ensemble. Prices start at Rs 15,000 depending on the style and craftsmanship involved in making each unique piece.

With such an extensive range available, you’re sure to find something that perfectly complements your look!

8 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

If you’re looking for a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style, then 8 gram gold jhumka designs are the perfect choice. These traditional earrings come in a variety of designs and styles, ranging from intricate floral motifs to more modern geometric shapes. Prices vary depending on the design and craftsmanship but generally start at around INR 12000.

Whether you’re attending an Indian wedding or dressing up for a special occasion, these stunning pieces are sure to make any look stand out!

3 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

Jhumkas are a timeless jewelry staple in Indian culture, and 3 gram gold jhumka designs offer an affordable way to accessorize any outfit. From traditional floral patterns to more modern tribal motifs, there is something for everyone. Prices range from around Rs 4500-Rs 7000 depending on the design, making them accessible for even those on a tight budget.

With their subtle sparkle and intricate details, 3 gram gold jhumka earrings make the perfect accessory for special occasions or everyday wear!

Gold Jhumka With Price


What is the Price of a Gold Jhumka

The price of a gold jhumka depends on the type and quality of the gold used to craft it, as well as any additional embellishments that may be included. Generally speaking, a plain 18-karat yellow or white gold jhumka with no stones is likely to cost anywhere from $50-$500 depending on size and weight. If you are looking for something more intricate, such as an intricately designed 22k gold jhumka embedded with precious gems like diamonds or rubies, then prices can range from $1000-$5000 depending on the number of stones and their sizes.

Additionally, if you’re looking for designer pieces crafted by artisans who specialize in this kind of workmanship then expect to pay even higher prices – sometimes up to ten times more than standard pieces! Ultimately it will depend heavily on your budget but rest assured that there are plenty of options available at different price points so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your needs.

The Price of a Gold Jhumka Depends on Various Factors Such As the Quality, Weight And Design of the Jhumka

The price of a gold jhumka is determined by many different factors. The most important factor that affects the cost of a jhumka is its quality, which depends on the purity and karat of the gold used in making it. Higher karat indicates higher levels of pure gold, making it more expensive.

Additionally, weight plays an important role in determining the price since heavier pieces will be costlier due to their higher amount of gold content. Finally, the design and craftsmanship also affect how much one pays for a jhumka; intricate designs tend to be pricier compared to simpler ones as they require more skill and labor to create. All these aspects are taken into consideration when coming up with an estimated cost for each piece so prospective buyers can make informed decisions regarding their purchase.

Where Can I Buy a Gold Jhumka

When it comes to buying a gold jhumka, your options are plentiful. You can choose from traditional Indian jewelry stores or modern online boutiques. Traditional Indian jewelry stores offer a wide selection of beautiful handcrafted pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

These stores often carry antique and vintage styles of jhumkas that may be hard to come by elsewhere. They also tend to have higher quality stones and metalwork than you’ll see in most other places. On the other hand, online boutiques provide convenience, easy access to international designers, competitive prices and plenty of customization options for customers who want their own unique look.

Many websites offer discounts on bulk orders as well as free shipping incentives which is great if you’re looking for more than one piece of jewelry. With all these choices available, there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone!

You Can Purchase Gold Jhumkas from Local Jewellery Stores Or Online Retailers Offering Authentic Jewellery Items at Competitive Prices

If you are looking to purchase gold jhumkas, then look no further! You can find them at local jewellery stores or online retailers that offer authentic jewellery items at competitive prices. Gold jhumkas are a beautiful traditional South Asian accessory and come in many styles and sizes so you can find the perfect pair for any occasion.

Whether it’s for a wedding, engagement, anniversary or just everyday wear, these delicate pieces of jewellery make any outfit more special. Online retailers allow you to browse through various collections of gold jhumka designs and compare prices across different vendors before making your selection. Local jewellery stores provide a great opportunity to get advice from experienced staff on what type of gold jhumkas would best suit your needs – they may even be able to customise some pieces according to your preferences!

Whichever way you choose, purchasing gold jhumkas is sure to add an elegant touch of glamour and sparkle to any wardrobe; so don’t wait – start shopping today!

Is It Possible to Customize My Own Gold Jhumka

Yes, it is possible to customize your own gold jhumka. Gold jewellery has been a part of many cultures and traditions across the world for centuries. It’s no surprise that people want to express their individual style through custom-made pieces.

With modern technology, you can now design and craft a unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry with the help of professional artisans who specialize in making custom jewelry out of gold or other precious metals. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, there are endless possibilities when creating a customized gold jhumka. From intricate designs like filigree work to bolder looks such as gemstone insets and textured finishes – anything can be achieved with the right guidance!

You can also incorporate family heirlooms into your new piece by having them melted down and used as part of its design, allowing you to create something truly special that will last for generations. So if you’re looking for an exclusive accessory that reflects your personality perfectly, look no further than designing and crafting your own personalized gold jhumka!

Yes, Many Jewellers Offer Custom-Made Designs for Your Specific Requirements When Ordering a Golden Jhumka Online Or in Person at Their Store Premises

When it comes to ordering a golden jhumka, many jewellers offer the opportunity for customers to order custom-made designs tailored to their individual needs. Whether you are shopping for your dream jhumka online or in person at the store premises, these jewellers can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for and ensure that your purchase is one of a kind. With this service, customers have access to an array of options that allow them to incorporate personal preferences into their selection process such as selecting specific shapes, stones, sizes and more.

Not only does this enhance the aesthetic appeal of the final product but also allows shoppers to add meaningful symbolism or memories associated with each piece. Additionally, opting for a custom-made design eliminates any potential pitfalls due to size discrepancies between readymade products available on display at stores and those ordered online. All in all, ordering custom-designed golden jhumkas provides consumers with greater flexibility when searching for something special while ensuring satisfaction with the end result – making it an ideal choice when shopping around!


In conclusion, gold jhumkas are an essential part of Indian culture and tradition. They are a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any traditional outfit. With the wide range of styles and prices available, there is sure to be one that appeals to everyone’s individual tastes.

Whether you’re looking for something more classic or modern, there is bound to be a gold jhumka that fits your style perfectly!

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