2 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

2 Gram Gold Jhumka designs with price can vary greatly depending on the type of design, style, and quality of gold used. A simple 2 gram gold jhumka may cost around Rs 5500 while a more intricate design or an antique piece could be priced at over Rs 15000. Popular designs include chandelier-style jhumkas with multiple layers of dangling stones, traditional temple style jhumkas with intricate carvings, and modern pieces featuring semi-precious stones for a more contemporary look.

Prices may also depend on where you shop since some jewellery stores offer better discounts than others.

If you are looking for the perfect jewelry piece to add a touch of sparkle and elegance to any outfit, then look no further than 2 gram gold jhumka designs. These beautiful earrings come in a variety of styles, from traditional temple motifs to modern meenakari patterns, so there’s something available to suit every taste. Not only do they make a stunning addition to your wardrobe but they are also an affordable option with prices starting around Rs. 3,000 per pair.

So why wait – get yourself some gorgeous 2 gram gold jhumka designs today!

2 Gram Gold Earrings New Design 2022

The jewelry industry is buzzing with excitement over the newest 2 gram gold earring designs for 2022. Featuring intricate detailing, these stunning pieces are sure to become a staple in any jewelry wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for an everyday accessory or something sparkly for a special occasion, 2 gram gold earrings will be the perfect addition to your collection.

Crafted from top quality materials and available in various shapes and sizes, these stylish earrings will add just the right amount of glamour to your look!

2 Gram Gold Earrings With Price

2 Gram Gold Earrings are a classic, timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear with many different outfits. These earrings come in a variety of styles and designs ranging from simple studs to intricate hoop or drop earrings. On average, 2 gram gold earrings cost anywhere between $100 – $300 depending on the type of metal used and the intricacy of the design.

Whether it’s for everyday wear or a special occasion, these earrings make an elegant statement no matter what your budget is!

3 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

3 gram gold jhumka designs are a great way to add a touch of elegance and beauty to any outfit. From traditional styles to modern looks, there is something for everyone in this versatile collection of earrings. Prices range from just under $100 up to several hundred dollars depending on the style and intricacy of design.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair or something special for a night out, these 3 gram gold jhumka designs have something perfect for every occasion!

2 Gram Gold Earrings New Design for Girl

These beautiful 2 gram gold earrings are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Featuring a sleek and elegant design, these earrings will add a touch of sophistication to your look. Whether you’re dressed up or down, these stunning pieces will be sure to make heads turn.

Crafted from high-quality gold and boasting intricate detailing, they’re both eye-catching and timelessly stylish. A great gift for someone special or just an indulgence for yourself – either way you can’t go wrong with these new designs!

3 Gram Gold Earrings New Design

3 gram gold earrings are a perfect addition to any jewelry collection, offering timeless beauty and sophistication. The new design features intricate details that will add an elegant touch to your look, while the lightweight construction ensures comfortable wear throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, these earrings can provide a unique and stylish accent to any outfit.

2 Gram Gold Jhumka Designs With Price

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How Many Grams is a Gold Jhumka?

A gold jhumka is a traditional Indian earring that can range in size, weight and design. Generally speaking, the average gold jhumka weighs between 15 to 20 grams. Some may be lighter while others can reach up to 30 grams or more – depending on the intricacy of the design and other factors like the type of gold used and its purity levels.

It is important to note that some jewellers may not weigh their pieces accurately because they use their own scales which could lead to discrepancies when it comes to weight measurements.

What is the Minimum Weight of Gold Jhumkas?

Gold Jhumkas are an integral part of Indian jewelry and offer a unique way to add sparkle to any outfit. But what is the minimum weight of gold that one needs for these beautiful pieces? The answer depends on several factors, including the size, design complexity, and purity of the gold being used.

Generally speaking, however, most jewelers recommend using at least 8 grams of gold when making jhumkas. This ensures that they will be durable enough to last a lifetime with proper wear and care. Additionally, it is important to consider other materials such as stones or pearls if you want your jhumkas to look their best; these can add extra weight without sacrificing quality.

Regardless of how much you choose to use though, remember that gold jhumkas are timeless classics that never go out of style!

How Many Grams is a Small Gold Earring?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the size of the earring. Generally speaking, a small gold earring would weigh between 4 and 8 grams depending upon its design and shape. For instance, an intricately designed stud with multiple stones may weight closer to 8 grams while a simpler hoop or plain stud could be as light as 4 grams.

It’s also important to note that the karat of gold will also affect how much it weighs; for example 14k gold typically weighs 1 gram per cubic centimeter (cc), while 18k gold can weigh up to 1.2 g/cc. Therefore when buying any type of jewelry made from precious metals such as gold it’s best practice to ask your jeweler exactly how many grams the item you are purchasing is so there are no surprises!

What is the Price of Tanishq Ka Jhumka Ka?

Tanishq is one of the most renowned jewellery brands in India, and its Ka Jhumka earrings are an exquisite example of their craftsmanship. These earrings feature a delicate gold design that combines classic beauty with modern elegance. The price for these earrings varies depending on the carat size and metal type used, but generally starts at around ₹7000.

It’s important to note that Tanishq also offers different discounts and promotions throughout the year which can bring down the cost significantly. For example, during Diwali season they often have special deals where customers can get up to 20% off select items such as Ka Jhumkas. Overall, purchasing a pair of Tanishq Ka Jhumka earrings is an investment worth making because not only do you get beautiful jewellery pieces but also quality assurance from one of India’s leading jewellers.


In conclusion, this blog post identified two different types of gold jhumka designs and provided their prices. The first design was a classic gold jhumka with a sleek and sophisticated look that was priced at $200 dollars. The second design featured an intricate filigree pattern and was priced higher at $300 dollars.

This article showed readers how they can choose the perfect 2 gram gold jhumka to fit their own individual style while also being mindful of price.

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