Advance Marketing on Facebook

One of the most important sectors of Advance marketing is social media marketing. And Facebook came first to think about social media marketing. Yes, Facebook Advance marketing is the most Famous sector of social media marketing. Why not? More than one and a half billion people use Facebook daily ! One and a half billion !!! From targeted audiences, website visitors, leads, sales, everything can be found from Facebook. So day by day, Facebook marketing is becoming very popular in the world. But 99% of Facebook users in Bangladesh do not know how to use Facebook completely. Ordinary users can use a maximum of 5% if caught. And the so-called spammers are roughly 10%. In fact, the interface we use on Facebook is only 20% of the original Facebook. The remaining 80% of Facebook is in different subdomains! So, in this course we will learn more about Facebook Marketing!

Introduction to the course that will be taught in this course

What is Advance Marketing?
Why learn Facebook Advance marketing?
Careers of Facebook Marketing Experts
What will be Advance Marketing course?
Create Facebook Business Page and Business Account.

Guidelines for creating Facebook business pages.
Details of Facebook page setting
Facebook page optimization.
Rules for posting on Facebook page.
Business Ad Account Creation Guidelines.
Payment method setup.
Necessary guidelines for Facebook ads.
How to add / boost on Facebook Advance?

What kind of ads can be given on Facebook.
How to create your first Facebook ad.
Creating connectivity with new audiences.
Ways to reduce ad costs through Facebook ads.
Mastering in Facebook Ads Manager.
Facebook Pixel and Tracking Strategy Implementation.
More posts in a short time on various social media networks.
Ways to increase sales.
Using the Advanced Feature of Facebook Business Manager.
How to do ad report analysis?
Organic marketing

How to do organic marketing on the page.
Content and image selection.
Advanced technique

Marketing analysis and data collection using Facebook Data, Insight and Measurement tools.
Advanced marketing strategies using Facebook apps and services.
Use of Facebook Media Strategy to Achieve Business Goals and Create Marketing Plans.
For all those reasons, Facebook ads and accounts may be canceled.

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