Top 10 Ladie’s Favorite Foods in The USA

Top 10 Ladie's Favorite Foods in The USA

Everyone loves to eat various types of food. Especially Top 10 Ladie’s Favorite Foods in The USA are very fond of various types of food. American Women love to eat chicken, burgers, and steak, on other hand American ladies love to eat pizza, chicken, and burgers.

American Top 10 Ladie’s Favorite Foods

They also love to eat many kinds of chocolate. Some ladies like spicy food. Now we will discuss the top 10 American Ladie’s favorite food.

  1. Cured meat:
    Cured meat is a very popular food among American ladies. Martha Washington the former first lady was very fond of cured meat. Cure meat has been preserved through drying, canning, salting, aging, bringing and smoking. Though it is an ancient system to prevent the meat from poisoning, cured meat is an extremely wanted food among ladies.
  2. Red lobster:
    Red Lobster is another top favorite food for American ladies. You have no worries about low or high calories because the chain offers low or high calories according to your demand. You can eat a cheddar bay biscuit for your appetizer that is made of lobster. You can eat lobster with molten chocolate which is a very popular option.
  3. Pizza:
    Pizza is a wildly popular food for American ladies. It is very yummy and tasty. Whenever peoples go anywhere by vehicle, pizza is the best snuck. For family feast pizza is the best solution. Now day’s best pizza topping is pepperoni.
    According to a food report about pizza is said, about 3 Billion pizza is eaten by Americans pre-year and one American lady eats 40 pizza per year.
  4. Dairy Queen:
    From a food survey, it is known that dairy queen is the ladies favorite food list for years. If ladies have a sweet tooth dairy queen is most offering food with ice cream.
    Sometimes ladies eat dairy queen with hot food like Brazier. The first dairy queen restaurant was established in June 22, 1940, in Joliet, Illinois by Sherb Noble.
  5. Scrambled eggs:
    Another favorite food that American ladies like most is scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are made by eggs.(generally used chicken eggs).
    It is stirred, whipped, or beaten together. When it is being hot other ingredients are added like butter, salt, etc.
  6. Ozark pudding:
    It is a cake-like fruit pudding made of pecans. As far as known it is originated from Missouri or Arkansas. This food was named after the mountain Ozark. President Harry Truman loved this dessert very much.
    When it is Served with a simple brown sugar caramel sauce, its taste is wonderful.
  7. Mary Todd Lincoln’s White Almond Cake:
    Mary Todd Lincoln’s White Almond Cake was American president Lincoln’s favorite food. When the president and his wife was margining. His wife Marry Todd baked this cake.
    After eating this cake president Linkoln promptly declared it the best cake he had ever eaten.
  8. Sarah Polk Hickory Nut Cake:
    Hickory nut was very popular in the 1800s. The hickory nut is only one native nut in America, that’s why it is regarded as a really American cake. We can use banana for our nut cake.
  9. Dark Chocolate:
    A report said that when people eat dark chocolate in a medium, it helps to reduce body weight by promoting insulin levels.
    A Swedish report also said that dark chocolate with 5 or 7 servings can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%.
  10. Baked chicken:
    Baked chicken is the favorite food for American ladies. Almost everyone loves to eat baked chicken. There are various types of baked chicken, but you have to choose what type is best for you.
    So these are the favorite food American ladies love most. Here I try to expose their most wanted food list. If you have another choice that should be in, please suggest it.

I hope you also find Top 10 Ladie’s Favorite Foods in The USA. In this article, we will discuss foods.

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