Dubai Gold Necklace Designs With Price

Dubai gold necklaces come in a variety of designs and prices. The price range can start from as low as $50 to even higher than $10,000 depending on the design and material used. Commonly available necklace designs include chain necklaces, heart-shaped pendants, pearl necklaces, diamond encrusted pieces and more.

Chain necklaces with plain gold or stones are generally priced between $200-$1000 whereas diamond encrusted ones start at around $500 going up to thousands of dollars for intricate patterns. Heart shaped pendant made out of solid gold can cost anywhere between $100 -$ 2000 depending on its size and weight while pearls may be slightly cheaper. Popular brands like Damas Jewellery offer exquisite designs that can also be customized according to customer preferences but they naturally come with a higher price tag due to their craftsmanship and quality assurance standards.

The vibrant city of Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious and exquisite gold jewelry designs in the world. From classic chokers to modern pendants, there’s something for every style and budget. For those looking for a timeless piece that won’t break the bank, look no further than Dubai’s range of gold necklace designs.

Whether you’re on the search for an everyday accessory or a statement-making wedding gift, these stunning necklaces come in all shapes, sizes, and price points – ensuring you’ll find something perfect without going over your budget!

22K Gold Necklace Sets With Price in Dubai

A 22K gold necklace set is a must-have item in any jewelry collection. In Dubai, these sets can range in price depending on the quality of the gold used and the intricacies of design involved. You will find stunningly designed 22K gold necklace sets with prices ranging from AED 500 to AED 10,000 or more.

Be sure to look for certified pieces if you are looking for high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime!

Dubai Gold Necklace Price

Dubai is well known for its exquisite jewelry and gold necklaces are no exception. The average price of a 14 carat gold necklace in Dubai ranges between AED 1,520-AED 2,000 (approximately $412-$547 USD). However prices may vary depending on the design and complexity of the necklace.

For example, a simple chain style could cost anywhere from AED 600 to AED 1,200 ($163 – $326 USD) while more intricate designs can range up to as much as AED 7500 ($2040 USD).

Light Weight Dubai Gold Necklace Design

Dubai gold necklaces are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary jewelry designs, combining intricate metal work with light weight materials such as silver and gold. These beautiful pieces feature delicate carvings and filigree details that make them stand out from other types of jewelry. Whether it is a simple chain or an ornate statement piece, these necklaces are sure to be admired for their craftsmanship and elegance.

Modern Dubai Gold Necklace Designs

Modern Dubai gold necklace designs are known for their unique and intricate details. These necklaces often feature diamonds, rubies, pearls, and other precious stones set in 18-karat or 22-karat gold. Many of these pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans who create intricate patterns with geometric shapes inspired by traditional Middle Eastern design elements.

The result is jewelry that is both luxurious and timelessly elegant.

Dubai Gold Necklace Sets

Dubai gold necklace sets are a popular choice for those looking to add some sparkle and shine to their wardrobe. The necklaces come in a variety of styles, from classic designs to modern twists on traditional jewelry. They feature intricate details and luxurious materials like 22k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and diamonds.

Dubai jewelry is known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail; many pieces feature intricate engravings or precious gemstones that make them truly unique. Whether you’re looking for an everyday accessory or something special for a night out, Dubai gold necklace sets are sure to add the perfect touch of elegance and sophistication.

Dubai Gold Necklace Designs With Price


How Much is Gold Necklace in Dubai?

The cost of gold necklaces in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the type, size, and quality of the piece. Gold jewelry is generally priced according to its weight and purity, with 24-karat gold being considered purest form. While a basic 10 gram necklace may cost approximately AED 1,850 (roughly USD 500) at a local store in Dubai, prices for more intricate designs or larger pieces could easily exceed AED 5,000 (approximately USD 1,360).

Additionally there are many online stores that offer discounts for purchasing bulk orders or designer pieces which will further reduce the overall price. As always it pays to shop around before making your purchase!

How Much is 10 Gram Gold Necklace in Dubai?

The current price of 10 grams of gold jewelry in Dubai is estimated to be around AED 3,500. This price is based on the average rate for 10 grams of 22-karat gold, which is currently trading at approximately AED 315 per gram. You can find a wide variety of beautiful gold necklaces in Dubai ranging from simple and elegant designs to intricate and ornate styles that feature precious stones such as diamonds or other gemstones.

The exact cost will depend on the design, karat weight and stone settings used. If you are looking for something extra special like an heirloom-quality piece then it could easily cost thousands more depending on the size and complexity of the design chosen. With so many choices available its best to take your time when shopping for a new piece of jewelry so you can find something that fits both your style and budget!

How Much Does a 24K Gold Chain Cost in Dubai?

The cost of a 24K gold chain in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the size, design and quality of the piece. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 USD for a basic necklace up to thousands of dollars for an ornate, designer piece. The price also depends on where you buy it; larger jewelry chains tend to offer more competitive prices than smaller independent stores.

Factors such as labor costs, type of metal used and specific embellishments can all affect the final cost as well. Additionally, buying gold jewelry during festive seasons or special occasions such as Diwali or Eid often comes with discounts that may make it more affordable. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality 24K gold chain in Dubai then be prepared to spend hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars depending on your particular needs and preferences.

Is Gold Jewellery Cheap in Dubai?

When it comes to gold jewellery, Dubai is definitely the place to be. With a wide variety of styles and designs from around the world, you’ll find something that suits your style and budget. Prices can vary depending on what type of gold jewellery you’re looking for – whether it’s 22-karat or 24-karat – but in general, you can expect great deals here compared to other places.

You may even find stores offering discounts on certain pieces! The selection is also quite wide; take your time exploring different shops in order to get the best deal possible. Additionally, many jewellers offer customised orders so if there’s something specific you have in mind, they might be able to help out!

All in all, shopping for gold jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank when visiting Dubai – just make sure you do some research before making any purchases.


This blog post has provided a wealth of information about some of the most beautiful and unique gold necklace designs in Dubai. From traditional styles to modern pieces, there is something for everyone when it comes to Dubai gold necklaces. Prices vary depending on the design and quality, but all are sure to be exquisite works of art that will add a touch of glamour to any wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant gift or simply want to treat yourself, these stunning designs from Dubai make perfect choices.

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