Gold Necklace Design in UAE

Gold necklaces are a popular choice in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As gold is considered a symbol of wealth and status, these beautiful designs are highly sought after. Gold necklace designs in UAE range from classic and traditional to modern and unique.

Traditional Arabic jewelry typically features intricate details with floral or geometric patterns crafted into solid gold pieces. Modern styles often feature gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls set against yellow or white gold for an eye-catching look. There is also a wide selection of design motifs available including hearts, crosses, animals, flowers and other symbols of luck and love.

No matter what your preference may be when it comes to style or budget there is sure to be something that will suit you perfectly!

The UAE is renowned for its exquisite gold jewelry, and a gold necklace is one of the most popular pieces in the country. Gold necklace designs from the UAE feature intricate detail work and craftsmanship that is unmatched by any other region in the world. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern styles, there are many unique designs to choose from when it comes to a beautiful gold necklace design in the UAE.

From delicate filigree patterns to vibrant gemstones, these necklaces will be sure to add an extra touch of luxury and glamor to your overall look!

22K Gold Necklace Sets With Price in Dubai

If you’re looking for a stunning 22K gold necklace set to buy in Dubai, you’ll find an impressive range of designs available. Prices vary depending on the size and intricacy of the design, but typically you can expect to pay anything from AED 3,000 up to AED 20,000 or more for a high-end 22K gold necklace set that features precious stones and intricate detailing.

Modern Dubai Gold Necklace Designs

Modern Dubai gold necklace designs are renowned for their intricate details, luxurious materials and unique styles. Popular designs feature delicate filigree motifs crafted from 18k or 22k gold, set with precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. These necklaces often have elaborate embellishments like beading and tassels to add a touch of luxury to the piece.

Whether it’s an elegant locket or a statement-making choker, modern Dubai gold necklace designs offer something special for everyone.

22K Gold Necklace Price in Uae

The price of 22K gold necklace in UAE varies depending on the design and weight, but generally ranges between AED 800-1800. Factors such as current gold prices, purity of the metal and workmanship can also impact the final cost. Additionally, you may find discounts or offers at certain jewellery stores across UAE.

Dubai Gold Necklace Price

The price of gold necklaces in Dubai can vary significantly depending on the type, size and quality of the necklace. Generally speaking, a simple 18-karat gold chain with no adornments will start at around $1,000 while more intricate pieces with gemstones can reach upwards of $50,000. Additionally, because many retailers offer discounts for buying in bulk or special offers during certain times of year such as holidays or festivals, it is possible to find gold necklaces at discounted prices.

Dubai Gold Long Necklace Designs

Dubai is renowned for its exquisite gold jewellery, and long necklaces are an iconic part of the city’s fashion culture. From intricate designs featuring delicate filigree to minimalist geometric shapes, Dubai has a range of stunning gold necklace designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something special to wear at a wedding or just want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday style, there’s sure to be a perfect Dubai gold long necklace design that suits your needs!

Gold Necklace Design in Uae


How Much is Gold Necklace in Dubai?

The prices of gold necklaces in Dubai can vary widely depending on the quality and weight of the piece. High-end pieces, like those made from yellow gold or white gold, will cost more than other metals such as silver. Generally speaking, a 22 carat necklace with a simple design could cost anywhere between AED 1500 to AED 4000 (approximately $400-$1,000 USD).

If you’re looking for something higher end with intricate designs and precious stones then expect to pay anywhere between AED 7000 – 10 000 ($1900 – $2700 USD). Of course there are also cheaper options available such as costume jewelry that is made from plated metal or alloy which will be significantly cheaper and can range from AED 150-500 ($40-$135USD) depending on the store you shop at.

How Much is 10 Gram Gold Necklace in Dubai?

The price of 10 gram gold necklace in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the purity and design. Generally, you should expect to pay anywhere between AED 2,500 to AED 7,000 for a 10-gram 22k gold necklace. However, if you are looking for something more exclusive or custom made with intricate designs then the cost could be significantly higher.

Prices also depend on fluctuations in the global market prices as well as other factors such as demand and supply. Additionally, different stores may offer varying rates so it is important that you shop around before making your purchase.

How Much Does a 24K Gold Chain Cost in Dubai?

The price of a 24K gold chain in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the type and design you choose. On average, however, it is possible to get a 24k gold chain for around AED 2,500 – 3,800 per gram. The more intricate or ornate the design of your chosen piece is likely to increase its cost.

For example, if you opt for an elaborate patterned or diamond-studded item then expect to pay closer towards the higher end of that range. Additionally, it’s important to consider other factors such as length and width when looking at prices too; longer chains tend to be more expensive than shorter ones with wider pieces also costing slightly more due their heavier weight. Ultimately though there are so many options available when it comes to buying a 24k gold chain in Dubai that no matter your budget or style preference you should have no trouble finding something perfect for you!

Which Country Has the Best Gold Necklace?

When it comes to finding the best gold necklace, there really is no one-size-fits all answer. Different countries have distinct styles and materials that offer unique advantages to each type of jewelry. For example, India has been known for its intricate designs and craftsmanship in gold jewelry since ancient times.

With expertise spanning centuries, Indian artisans have perfected their workmanship over time to create beautiful pieces that are both stylish and timeless. On the other hand, Italy is renowned for producing luxurious high-end jewelry with a modern twist thanks to its skilled artisans who use innovative methods and cutting edge technology in their production process. Additionally, China’s delicate filigree lace necklaces are renowned worldwide for their intricacy while Thailand offers exquisite traditional style pieces crafted from 22k and 24k gold at an affordable price point.

Ultimately, the country you choose depends on your personal preference as well as budget but rest assured that whichever you pick will be sure to dazzle!


In conclusion, gold necklace design in UAE is a unique and intricate art form that has been passed down through generations. It combines traditional aesthetics with modern style and creates beautiful pieces of jewelry for all occasions. The craftsmanship behind each item is truly remarkable, making it the perfect way to show off your individual style and make an unforgettable statement.

Gold necklace designs in UAE are sure to become a beloved part of any jewelry collection!

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