India Gold Price List

India gold price is the latest list of prices for gold in India. It includes the current prices for both 22-carat and 24-carat pure gold, as well as per gram and kilogram (1Kg) measurements. The rates are updated on a daily basis by various banks, jewellers and government organizations across India.

Gold prices vary according to its purity level, market demand and availability of resources in different regions of the country. The Indian government also sets excise duties on imported items such as crude oil, bullion or currency which further affects the pricing structure at any given time. In addition to this, taxes like Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Goods & Services Tax (CGST) and State Goods & Services Tax (SGST) must be paid when purchasing physical gold in India.

India is known for its rich culture and exquisite gold. With so many different types of gold available, it can be difficult to keep track of the current prices. To make life easier, here’s a list of some of the most popular Indian gold price points – from 22k to 24k purity levels.

Whether you’re looking for something special or just want to stay in budget, this list will help you find the perfect piece at an affordable cost!

India Gold Price List


How Much is 1 Gram Gold in India?

Gold is a precious metal that has been treasured since ancient times. It is both an investment and a form of currency in many parts of the world, including India. The price of gold per gram varies depending on factors such as market demand and global economic trends.

As of June 2021, one gram of gold in India costs Rs 4,461 per 10 grams for 24-karat (99.9% purity) gold bullion bars or coins. Gold bullion refers to large pieces of pure gold stored by investors or institutions as a secure store of value and wealth preservation tool. However, when buying jewelry made with 22K (91%) or 18K (75%) purity gold, the prices may differ depending on the design complexity and jeweller’s markups; hence it is important to check the rates before making any purchase decision.

What is Price of 22 Carat Gold in India?

The price of 22 carat gold in India is highly dependent on the prevailing market rate. Currently, as of April 2021, the per gram rate for 22 carat gold stands at Rs 4,053. This figure is an average based on data collected from several jewellers across various cities in India and it may vary slightly depending upon local demand and supply factors.

The international spot gold prices also have a bearing on the domestic rates as well. Apart from this, other aspects such as making charges levied by individual retailers will also be applicable while buying 22 carat gold jewelry or coins in India. Investors can buy or sell 24Kt pure gold coins through registered bullion dealers to gain exposure to its price movements instead of purchasing physical jewelry which comes with additional costs such as labor charges for design etcetera.

How Much is Gold in India Right Now?

Currently, gold prices in India are at an all-time high. On April 21st 2021, the spot price of 24 karat gold was Rs 50,734 per 10 grams and the 22 karat gold was priced at Rs 47,099 per 10 grams. The current price of 24 carat is higher than it has been in any other year since 2014.

This increase in prices can be attributed to a number of factors such as rising demand for jewellery due to wedding season festivities and also increasing safe haven buying from investors amidst global uncertainties caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, international gold prices have also seen an appreciation due to a weaker US dollar; this has further driven up domestic gold prices as well. With no signs of any immediate correction or decrease expected anytime soon, those looking to buy gold should consider doing so sooner rather than later if they want to benefit from the current rates before they start going up again sometime soon!

Is Gold Cheaper in India Or Usa?

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for centuries in jewelry, coins, and other forms of currency. The cost of gold varies from place to place and can be affected by a number of factors including the supply and demand for it, the economic condition of the country or region where it is sold, as well as taxes and other fees associated with purchasing or selling gold. When comparing prices between India and USA, the cost of gold will depend on which country’s market you are looking at.

Generally speaking, gold tends to be cheaper in India due to its strong domestic economy coupled with lower taxes on such assets compared to those found in USA. Additionally, Indian markets are heavily influenced by international trends meaning that if there is an increase in global demand for gold then this could lead to higher prices within India as well. On the flip side however US markets tend to remain relatively stable when compared against Indian markets meaning that while they may not always offer the lowest price they typically do ensure more consistent pricing than what might be seen elsewhere around the world.

1 Gram Gold Rate in India Today

The rate of 1 gram gold in India today is ₹4,633, according to the latest updates from market sources. This rate is an increase of ₹45 over the previous day’s rate which was at ₹4,588 per gram. Gold rates are expected to remain steady as investors await further clarity on economic recovery amid rising coronavirus cases.

22Kt Gold Rate Today

Today, the rate of 22Kt gold is Rs. 4,862 per gram in India. Gold prices have been increasing steadily due to rising demand and lower supply from international markets. However, although this rate may vary by city or region in India, it serves as a good reference point for assessing the cost of buying gold at any given time.

24K Gold Price in India

The price of 24K gold in India fluctuates depending on the global market, but it is currently trading at around ₹41,950 per 10 grams. Gold prices are affected by a number of factors such as demand and supply dynamics, international economic conditions and local taxes. Investors should be aware that investing in physical gold carries certain risks associated with storing the metal securely over time.

24Ct Gold Price Today

Today, 24Ct gold is priced at around $57,284 per ounce. The price of 24Ct gold has been steadily increasing due to the global economic uncertainty which has caused investors to flock towards gold as a safe haven asset. Gold prices are also being driven up by increased demand from central banks and other institutional investors who have been buying large quantities of gold lately in order to diversify their portfolios and hedge against currency fluctuations.


To conclude, India Gold Price List is a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell gold in the country. It is updated regularly with the latest prices and offers a comprehensive overview of both local and international gold markets. With its detailed information about various types of gold, as well as its extensive list of dealers, it makes buying and selling gold easy and convenient for anyone interested in investing in this precious metal.

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