Today Gold Price in India

Today, gold prices in India are hovering around Rs.4,980 per gram for 24-karat gold and Rs.4,922 per gram for 22-karat gold as of February 5th 2021. Gold rate today has been trading lower than the previous day’s closing prices due to a stronger US dollar index and rising bond yields that have caused investors to turn away from safe haven assets like gold towards riskier investments such as equities. The demand for physical gold is also subdued due to restrictions imposed by the government during the ongoing pandemic situation which has caused a decline in economic activity across countries all over the world.

This has resulted in reduced jewellery sales and hence lower demand for physical gold leading to softer domestic prices in India despite international price increases.

Today, gold prices in India are at an all-time high. The current spot price of gold is Rs. 48,778 per 10 gram and the 22 carat price is Rs. 44,844 per 10 gram. As a result of Covid-19 related disruptions to industry and the global economy, investors have been turning to safe havens like gold as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Gold has traditionally remained a sound investment option for Indian households and with today’s prices being higher than ever before it could be time to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Today Gold Price in India


What is the Price of 24 Carat Gold in India?

The price of 24 carat gold in India is constantly fluctuating depending on the market conditions. Currently, one gram of 24 karat gold costs between ₹4,200 and ₹4,400 per gram. The prices are affected by various factors such as global markets, currency exchange rates, local demand and supply for jewellery etc.

Gold prices tend to be higher during festivals when people buy jewellery for gifting purposes. They also usually rise around wedding seasons when there is an increased demand for bridal jewellery and other accessories related to marriage ceremonies. Moreover, the government’s policies regarding taxation can also have a major impact on the price of gold in India; a decrease in taxes often leads to a drop in its cost while an increase may cause it to become more expensive.

Therefore it is important that you keep track of all these factors before investing or buying any amount of gold so that you get the most bang out of your buck!

How Much is 1 Gram Gold in India?

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for centuries as a form of currency, and it remains in high demand today. In India, 1 gram of gold is currently worth around Rs 4,200. This price can fluctuate depending on several factors such as the global market rate and local supply/demand dynamics.

To get an accurate estimate of the current price per gram you should visit reliable websites or talk to your jeweller. Gold prices also tend to be higher during festivals like Diwali or weddings due to increased demand from customers looking for gifts or jewellery items. Investing in gold is considered financially sound since its value tends to remain stable over time and even increase if its rarity increases or there are political changes in the world markets that affect its worth.

How Much is 22K Gold Tola in India?

22K gold Tola is a unit of measurement which is used in India and other parts of South Asia to measure the weight of gold. The 22K gold Tola rate in India today will depend on the market rate for that day, though typically it works out to be around Rs. 60,000 per 10 grams. For example, if the cost per 10 grams is Rs. 60,000 then a 22k Tola would be worth approximately 108,960 Rupees (1Tola = 11.664 Grams).

The rates tend to fluctuate depending on various factors such as international demand and supply or any local taxes imposed by governments etc., so keep an eye out for changes in daily prices before you make any transactions with Gold dealers or Jewellers.

Is Gold Cheaper in India Or Usa?

When it comes to gold prices, India and the United States differ significantly. On average, gold tends to be cheaper in India than the United States due to the high import duties on gold imports into India. The Indian government imposes a 10% duty on imported gold while no such taxes are applied in the US.

This makes it more expensive for jewelers in India to get their hands on raw materials needed for making jewelry ornaments like bracelets, necklaces etc leading to higher retail prices of these items compared with those sold in US stores. Additionally, there is also a 3% Goods & Services Tax levied by Indian government when customers buy any jewelry item from an organized store or retailer which further adds up to make ornaments costlier here as compared with USA based retailers who offer competitive rates without imposing any additional tax burden onto customers.

22Kt Gold Rate Today

Today, the 22Kt Gold Rate is hovering around Rs. 4,000 per gram. This rate has remained fairly stable with a slight decrease in recent weeks due to fluctuating market conditions. The current gold rate can be affected by various factors including global demand and supply, currency exchange rates and geopolitical events.

Investors looking for short term gains should keep an eye on these dynamics as they could affect the future value of their investment in gold.

1 Gram Gold Rate in India Today

Today, the 1 gram gold rate in India is ₹ 4,845 per gram. Gold prices usually fluctuate throughout the day due to changes in global demand and supply. Investors can buy gold bars or coins at this rate as an investment.

The price of gold also depends on other factors such as exchange rates, government policies and geopolitical events.

24Ct Gold Price Today

As of today, the 24Ct gold price per gram is Rs. 6,059 in India. Gold prices have been on a rise due to increasing demand from investors and jewelry buyers. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has also had an impact on gold prices as people are investing more in the safe haven asset class for protection against economic uncertainty.

Hallmark Gold Price Today

Today, the hallmark gold price is hovering around $1,717 per ounce. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty, gold prices have risen significantly over the past few months as investors look to ensure their portfolios are well diversified with safe assets such as gold. This has helped push up demand for hallmark gold globally which in turn has resulted in an increase in its price today.


In conclusion, it is evident that the gold price in India fluctuates on a daily basis and can be affected by many external factors. It is important for investors to stay informed about current news and market conditions so they can make an informed decision when buying and selling gold. Furthermore, the government has taken steps to ensure the safety of gold investments by introducing new regulations such as KYC norms.

Finally, with its high liquidity potential and historical value, investing in gold remains one of the best long-term choices available to individuals looking to diversify their portfolio.

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