Jeff Hardy Necklace

The Jeff Hardy necklace is an iconic piece of jewelry worn by professional wrestler, Jeff Hardy. It was first seen in 2000 and has since become a symbol of the wrestling superstar. The necklace is made from silver coins with a large center medallion featuring a unique design which includes two crossed swords, surrounded by Celtic knots, stars and other symbols.

The rest of the necklaces consist of different sized coins arranged in layers around the main medallion. Each coin features an engraving on one side with words like “Rise Up” or “Believe” that represent some part of his career as well as his personal beliefs. Since it debuted, the Jeff Hardy Necklace has been seen at many matches including WrestleMania XXXIV and Summer Slam 2018.

It’s a powerful reminder to his fans that they can overcome any obstacle if they just believe in themselves – just like how he did throughout his career!

Jeff Hardy is well known for his iconic necklace, which has been a part of his look since he debuted in the WWE. This signature piece of jewelry is often seen being worn by him during matches and interviews, and it adds to his larger-than-life persona that fans have grown to love. The necklace is made up of various charms featuring symbols such as skulls, stars, swords and more – all combining to create an edgy yet stylish accessory that encapsulates Jeff’s unique style.

Jeff Hardy Necklace


Are the Hardy Boyz Real Brothers?

No, the Hardy Boyz are not real brothers. They are professional wrestlers who have been performing together since 1994 and were a popular tag team in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). Matt and Jeff Hardy gained fame as “The Hardys” when they first appeared on WWF television in 1998, where they quickly became fan favorites due to their high-flying aerial moves and exciting matches.

Although they may act like siblings while competing in the ring, Matt and Jeff Hardy are actually not related by blood; rather, their bond is defined by mutual respect for each other as performers. Despite no longer being an official tag team since 2009, both men continue to be successful singles competitors with Matt achieving legendary status after his multiple world championship reigns over the years.

What is Going on With Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular and beloved wrestlers in history, but recently he has been facing some serious issues. In July 2018, Jeff Hardy was arrested for public intoxication after an incident at a North Carolina bar. He also faced drug possession charges later that month.

On October 3rd of 2019, he was arrested again for driving while impaired and had to be released on bond. Since then, Jeff Hardy’s career has been somewhat uncertain as WWE has yet to make any official statement about his status with the company or his future plans. This has led many fans to speculate whether or not we will see him back in the ring anytime soon.

Despite all this controversy surrounding him, Jeff Hardy still remains one of wrestling’s biggest stars and there are many people who hope he can overcome these obstacles and get back into action very soon!

Does Jeff Hardy Have a Wife?

No, Jeff Hardy does not currently have a wife. The professional wrestler and musician is single at the moment and has yet to tie the knot. Although he was previously married in 2011, his marriage ended in divorce shortly after it began.

Since then, Hardy hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone or had any known relationships with partners of either gender. He’s kept much of his personal life private but seems content on focusing solely on his career for now. Fans will have to wait and see if he decides to settle down again someday, but until then they can enjoy watching him perform both inside and outside of the ring!

Are the Hardys Still in Aew?

Yes, the Hardy Boyz are still part of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Matt and Jeff Hardy returned to professional wrestling in 2017 after a five-year hiatus. Shortly thereafter, they signed with AEW and made their debut on October 2, 2019 at the AEW All Out pay-per-view event.

Since then, they have become two of AEW’s top stars and have been featured prominently in storylines involving The Elite (Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks) as well as other major players such as Jon Moxley. They recently competed against each other for the first time ever during an episode of Dynamite which ended with both men embracing afterwards to show that no matter how intense things may get between them, their bond will never break. As long as the Hardys remain under contract with AEW it looks like fans can continue to expect exciting matches from this legendary tag team!

Jeff Hardy Cross Necklace

The Jeff Hardy Cross Necklace, designed after the iconic wrestler, is a classic piece of jewelry made from stainless steel and zinc alloy. The necklace features a large cross pendant with small crosses down either side and on the bottom. It also has an adjustable length chain to fit any neck size.

For wrestling fans and fashion connoisseurs alike, this stylish accessory is sure to make a statement!

Jeff Hardy Chain

Jeff Hardy Chain is a unique form of jewelry popularized by professional wrestler Jeff Hardy. It features over-sized links made from stainless steel and has become a symbol of his style. The chain was first introduced in the late 1990s and has since become one of the most recognizable pieces of wrestling apparel, often worn by fans to show their support for the iconic superstar.

Jeff Hardy Arm Sleeves

Jeff Hardy arm sleeves are popular accessories among wrestling fans. These colorful, stylish arm sleeves feature designs inspired by the multi-time WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and have become a must-have item for any fan of the Charismatic Enigma. They’re made from lightweight fabric that’s comfortable to wear and provide protection from the elements while displaying your support for one of wrestling’s most iconic figures.

Whether you rock them in or out of the ring, these eye-catching arm sleeves make an awesome statement!

Jeff Hardy Merch

Jeff Hardy Merch is some of the most sought-after apparel in wrestling today. From t-shirts and hats to action figures, you can find a wide variety of items that feature Jeff Hardy’s signature style or his iconic catchphrases. Whether you are looking for something to wear during your next wrestling event or just want to show off your love for Jeff Hardy, there is sure to be something perfect for you in this unique collection of merchandise.


In conclusion, the Jeff Hardy Necklace is a great way to show your appreciation for this iconic wrestler. Not only is it stylish and affordable, but it also serves as a reminder of Jeff’s legacy in wrestling. Whether you’re an avid fan or someone who just appreciates his accomplishments, this necklace can be a meaningful addition to any wardrobe.

So if you want to honor one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, don’t miss out on getting yourself a Jeff Hardy Necklace today!

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