Mookie Betts Necklace

Mookie Betts is an American professional baseball player who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. He wears a necklace bearing his initials, “MB,” during games. The necklace was given to him by his mother when he was in high school and has become part of his identity since then.

Betts considers it to be a good luck charm and says that he won’t take it off until he’s done playing baseball. It serves as a reminder of the hard work and dedication that led him to where he is today, as well as providing motivation for him moving forward.

Mookie Betts has been spotted wearing a unique necklace at various games in the past. This distinctive piece of jewelry is said to be made from metal and brass, with the shape of a bat laid over his heart. It’s believed that this necklace was given to Mookie as a reminder of how he should always strive for excellence on the field, no matter what challenges come his way.

Not only does it serve as an inspirational reminder, but it also looks stylish too!

Where to Buy Mookie Betts Necklace

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry to show your support for Boston Red Sox star Mookie Betts, then consider purchasing the officially licensed Mookie Betts necklace. This stunning pendant is available online from the MLB Shop and in-store at all Major League Baseball stadiums. The necklace features an engraved logo and a genuine leather cord that make it perfect for wearing with any outfit.

Show off your loyalty to one of baseball’s greatest players today!

Mookie Betts Chain Cost

Mookie Betts’ chain cost is estimated to be around $80,000. The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder wears a very unique gold and diamond necklace that features the number 50 – which represents his jersey number – as well as two angel wings on either side of it. It’s definitely a statement piece and one that he says has special meaning for him.

Mookie Betts Gold Necklace

Mookie Betts is known for his unique and stylish style of play on the field, and it extends to what he wears off the field too. His signature accessory is a gold chain necklace with his initials “MB” engraved on it. He’s been wearing this same piece since 2018 when he made his MLB debut, and has even said that its a reminder of how far he’s come in his career.

What Does Mookie Betts Write in the Dirt

Mookie Betts is known for writing the letters “MB” in the dirt before he steps up to bat. The acronym stands for his full name, Markus Lynn Betts, and serves as a reminder of who he is and why he’s playing. It also serves as a way to focus on what needs to be done at that moment – hitting the ball out of the park!

Mookie Betts Wife

Mookie Betts is married to his longtime girlfriend, Brianna Hammonds. The two tied the knot in November 2019 and have since welcomed a baby girl named Kynlee Ivory Betts into their family. As of January 2021, Mookie and Brianna are happily raising their daughter together while also sharing snippets of their lives on social media with fans around the world.

Mookie Betts Necklace


How Much Did Mookie Betts Necklace Cost?

Mookie Betts recently made headlines after being seen wearing an expensive necklace to a game. The necklace, which is made of 18-karat white gold and diamonds, cost him around $100,000! This amount was estimated based on the size and quality of the stones used in its construction.

It’s said that Mookie wanted to show off his wealth and success with this extravagant piece of jewelry – something he has certainly earned over the years through his hard work and dedication in Major League Baseball (MLB). Though it may seem like a lot to spend on a single item, it’s clear that Mookie Betts understands the value of making investments into himself.

What is the Story behind the Mookie Betts Necklace?

The story behind Mookie Betts’ signature necklace is an inspiring one. It all began with a gift from his mother, Diana Benedict, when he first became a professional baseball player in 2014. The piece of jewelry was made by the same jeweler who created Betts’ wedding ring, and it has become a cherished symbol of his career ever since.

On the center hangs a diamond-encrusted “M” for Mookie and two crossed bats to represent the sport that he loves so much. It’s also said that each time he steps up to bat or makes some other important play on the field, he touches it as if doing so will bring him luck – something which appears to be true given his success as an outfielder for both Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers! Ultimately then, this unique piece of jewelry serves not only as reminder of how far Betts has come but also as motivation for what lies ahead – making it truly special indeed!

Why Do So Many Mlb Players Wear Gold Chains?

Many Major League Baseball (MLB) players like to wear gold chains for a variety of reasons. Some people believe that wearing gold jewelry is an outward expression of wealth, power and success. For some MLB players, wearing a gold chain may be seen as a way to show off their financial status or as a symbol of respect in the clubhouse.

Gold has also been associated with luck and protection since ancient times and some athletes may choose to wear gold for this reason when they compete on the diamond. Others simply enjoy accessorizing their uniforms with something extra special, so they opt for golden necklaces or other types of jewelry. Wearing one can be an emotional experience too; after all, it’s common practice among pro ballers to give each other custom-crafted pieces featuring team logos or personal messages as gifts at important milestones in their careers – whether it’s winning the World Series or getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame!

Ultimately, every MLB player has his own unique style and preference – but regardless of why someone chooses to don a piece made from precious metal around his neck before stepping up to bat, there’s no denying that gold chains are very much part of baseball culture today!

Why Do Major League Baseball Players Wear Necklaces?

Major League Baseball players often wear necklaces and pendants during games. This is more than just a fashion statement – they can serve as powerful symbols of strength, courage and protection. Necklaces have been worn by athletes for centuries and in many cultures, with baseball being no exception.

Wearing this type of jewelry is believed to bring good luck and ward off any bad energy that may be directed at the player or team. Additionally, necklaces can also signify team unity and solidarity among teammates who share similar values, beliefs or goals. Ultimately, wearing necklaces on the field helps keep players focused on their game while allowing them to express themselves through an important piece of jewellery.


Mookie Betts is an amazing baseball player, and his necklace pays tribute to him in a very special way. It is designed with the number 50, his jersey number, along with red rubies and white diamonds. The combination of the stones brings out the vibrant colors of his team’s uniform and represents their spirit perfectly.

Being able to wear this necklace close to your heart gives you a feeling that you are part of Mookie’s success story – it is not just for show but also serves as a reminder of what he has achieved through hard work and dedication. As we all know, great things don’t come easy – so keep striving for greatness like Mookie does!

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