Osrs Dodgy Necklace

The Osrs Dodgy Necklace is a reward obtained after completing the Rogue Trader minigame. It provides an unlimited amount of teleports to the city of Varrock, which can be activated by rubbing it while having coins in your inventory. The necklace also has several other uses, such as providing access to various stores throughout the city and granting an invisible +3 boost to Thieving.

Additionally, when worn, the necklace will protect players from being pickpocketed by certain NPCs in RuneScape. The Dodgy Necklace cannot be sold or traded and must be kept in one’s bank if they wish to keep it for future use.

The Old School Runescape Dodgy Necklace is an item that players can obtain by pickpocketing H.A.M members. This necklace provides a 10% increase in thieving experience when worn, making it a must-have for any player wanting to level up their thieving skills quickly and efficiently. The Dodgy Necklace also provides protection against being knocked unconscious while pickpocketing; however, if the wearer of the necklace fails at pickpocketing three times in a row, then it will crumble into dust and be lost forever!

Osrs Dodgy Necklace

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What is an Osrs Dodgy Necklace

An Osrs Dodgy Necklace is a special item found in the popular MMORPG game Old School RuneScape. This necklace has a unique property, which gives players extra protection when they are fighting against monsters that use magic attacks. The necklace makes it so that any incoming magical attack will only take away 25% of the player’s hitpoints instead of their full health.

It also reduces the amount of damage taken from all other sources by 5%. The necklace also allows for greater accuracy when casting spells, making it an invaluable tool for players who rely on magic to survive in combat. It can be purchased from various stores around Gielinor and requires level 20 Defence to wear.

The Osrs Dodgy Necklace is a Piece of Jewellery That Gives the Wearer Protection against Magical Attacks in Old School Runescape (Osrs)

The OSRS Dodgy Necklace is an invaluable piece of jewellery for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players. It grants the wearer protection against magical attacks, making it a must-have item for adventurers setting off into the wilds of Gielinor. The necklace is made from enchanted silver and can be bought from Betty in Port Sarim or at various other stores around RuneScape.

When worn, it gives a substantial boost to magic defence, allowing its user to withstand powerful spells that would otherwise be too strong to resist. Furthermore, the necklace also provides some protection against ranged attacks as well as physical damage. All in all, if you’re looking for some extra security when taking on dangerous creatures or facing down powerful mages then make sure you invest in an Osrs Dodgy Necklace – your life may depend on it!

It Provides +6 Magic Defence When Worn, And It Has No Other Bonuses

The Magic Defence Amulet is a must have for any mage looking to increase their magical defenses. This amulet provides +6 magic defence when worn, and it has no other bonuses or effects. The benefit of this item lies in its simplicity – the wearer does not have to worry about dealing with additional enchantments on top of the main one.

While it may not provide as much protection as some more complex items, its straightforward nature makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer a simple solution to their defensive needs. Additionally, since there are no extra enchantments attached to the amulet, it will remain effective even if conditions change or new threats emerge over time. For these reasons, the Magic Defence Amulet is a great option for anyone seeking basic protection from magical attacks without overcomplicating things.

Where Can I Get an Osrs Dodgy Necklace

If you’re looking for a Dodgy Necklace from the popular MMORPG game Old School Runescape, there are several places you can look. The easiest and most reliable place to get one is from the Grand Exchange in-game. You’ll need at least 1,000 coins to purchase a dodgy necklace from the Grand Exchange, but it’s worth it as these necklaces provide decent bonuses for your character such as increased strength and defence.

Alternatively, you may be able to find someone selling one on an online marketplace or through private trade with another player. If that fails, try asking around in some of the larger Old School RuneScape forums or fan sites–someone might have one they’d be willing to part with! Finally, if all else fails then head over to the official merchandise store where they regularly stock dodgy necklaces among other items related to Old School Runescape.

Good luck finding yours!

You Can Purchase an Osrs Dodgy Necklace from the Grand Exchange in Old School Runescape (Osrs), Or You May Find One As a Drop from Certain Monsters Throughout the Game World

The Osrs Dodgy Necklace is an incredibly useful item in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It can be purchased from the Grand Exchange, or you may find one as a drop from monsters throughout the game world. This necklace has some powerful benefits: it increases your defence by 5% when worn, and gives you a 15% chance to dodge any attack that would otherwise hit you.

Additionally, while wearing it your chances of getting dropped items will increase. With these bonuses combined, this makes the Osrs Dodgy Necklace an invaluable addition to any adventurer’s inventory!

How Much Does an Osrs Dodgy Necklace Cost

An OSRS Dodgy Necklace is a powerful and rare item that can be found in the game Old School Runescape. It provides an extra 15% damage bonus when fighting monsters and other players, making it a very valuable item for many players who are looking to increase their combat stats. The cost of an Osrs Dodgy Necklace varies depending on the market, but generally speaking you can expect to pay anywhere from 200-400k OSRS Gold for one necklace.

This makes them quite expensive compared to most other items available in the game, so it’s important to make sure you have enough gold before purchasing one. Additionally, since they are so rare, prices may vary greatly between different sellers or trading platforms. Be sure to shop around and do your research before buying an Osrs Dodgy Necklace!

Osrs Dodgy Necklace Ironman

The Old School RuneScape Dodgy Necklace Ironman is an account type that requires players to obtain their items, armor, and weapons through non-combat means. This includes trading with other players or obtaining items from shops. However, it also requires the player to wear a dodgy necklace in order to gain access to certain areas of the game.

The necklace provides protection against damage and reduces incoming damage by 10%. It also gives access to a variety of activities such as thieving and fishing which can provide the player with the necessary resources for their journey.

Osrs Dodgy Necklace Worth It

The OSRS Dodgy Necklace is a unique item that can be used to increase the wearer’s Thieving level by up to 5 levels. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to quickly boost their thieving skills and even gain access to higher-level features. However, this boost comes at a cost: The necklace has a high risk of breaking if you fail when pickpocketing, so it may not be worth the investment for some players.

Ultimately, whether or not the OSRS Dodgy Necklace is worth it depends on your own preference and playing style.

How Many Dodgy Necklaces for 99

The number of dodgy necklaces you can get for 99 depends on the store and the quality of the product. Generally, you can expect to find a range of different styles and prices, so shop around to find what best suits your budget. Some stores might offer discounts or bulk rates if you are purchasing multiple items, so it is always worth asking about these when shopping for dodgy necklaces.

Osrs Gloves of Silence

The Gloves of Silence are a pair of degradable gloves that give enhanced thieving experience in Old School Runescape. They can be obtained from the Grand Exchange and require level 54 Thieving to equip. When worn, they grant an 8% increase to pickpocketing success rate as well as a 7% boost to Thieving experience for every successful pickpocket attempt.

As these gloves degrade over time, players must replace them periodically in order to maintain their bonus effects.


The OSRS Dodgy Necklace is a great way to save yourself some money while still getting your hands on some valuable items. Not only does it provide you with the ability to buy and sell items for coins, but it also gives you access to rare drops that are otherwise difficult or impossible to get. The necklace is an excellent tool for those looking for a quick and easy way of making extra cash in Old School Runescape.

With its convenience, low cost, and versatility, the OSRS Dodgy Necklace is a must-have item for any serious player.

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