Binding Necklace Osrs

A Binding Necklace is an item in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that can be bought from the Grand Exchange or crafted at level 24 Crafting. It requires one gold bar and a necklace mould to craft, granting 25 experience points. The necklace has no offensive capabilities but provides defensive bonuses when worn: +5 magic defence bonus, +5 crush defence bonus, -2 prayer penalty and a passive effect of 15% reduced damage taken from all sources for three minutes after being hit.

This makes the Binding Necklace attractive for players who want additional protection while training combat skills or engaging in PvP activities.

The Binding Necklace is a powerful, low-level amulet that was introduced to Old School RuneScape in 2018. It is an incredibly useful item for players looking to increase their combat and Prayer levels without sacrificing too much gold. The necklace provides a +15 bonus to Strength, Attack and Defence, as well as a +10 bonus to Prayer when worn.

It also grants the wearer protection from Saradomin strikes while they’re active in the game world. With its relatively low cost of only 10 coins per piece, this amulet has quickly become one of the most sought after items by OSRS players who are looking for an edge in battle!

Binding Necklace Osrs


What Does the Binding Necklace Do?

The binding necklace is an ancient jewelry item used by people to protect their relationships. It is believed to have magical powers that can bind two people together, helping them stay close and in love no matter the distance or hardships they may face. The belief behind the binding necklace is that when a couple wears one, it will become a symbol of their union and commitment to each other.

People often purchase matching necklaces for themselves and their significant other as a sign of unity, trust, and devotion. In addition to its physical beauty, many believe that wearing this piece of jewelry brings good luck and keeps negative influences away from the relationship. This makes it one of the most popular symbols for couples in love today!

What Necklace for Runecrafting?

When it comes to Runecrafting, the right necklace is essential for success. Not only does a good necklace give you an edge in your crafting process, but it can also provide extra benefits such as protection and luck. A few popular necklaces that are great for Runecrafting include Amulet of Zealots, Saradomin’s murmur and Varrock armour 1 amongst many others.

The Amulet of Zealots gives you a bonus to runecrafting experience when worn while making nature runes. It also provides prayer bonus which helps save time when training your skills. Saradomin’s Murmur on the other hand increases rune essence drops and reduces failure rate when crafting cosmic runes or higher level runes at Ourania Altar or ZMI altar respectively.

Lastly Varrock Armour 1 provides an additional +2 levels to all of your Runecrafting skills if used near the centre of Varrock city except at ZMI Altar where it will give you +1 instead . All these three necklaces have their own unique advantages to offer which makes them must-haves for any serious runecrafter out there!

What is the Best Amulet in Osrs?

The best amulet in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is arguably the Amulet of Fury. It offers great defensive stats, allowing players to take more hits from enemies and survive longer. It also provides a nice offensive bonus with its magic attack bonus, making it an ideal choice for mages and rangers alike.

In addition, the Amulet of Fury gives a hefty 15% damage boost when using Slayer tasks, which can make killing monsters much easier and faster. Overall, this amulet has some amazing benefits that make it one of the most sought-after items in OSRS.

What is the Best in Slot Ranged Necklace Osrs?

The best in slot ranged necklace for OSRS is the Amulet of Fury. It has a total bonus of +15 to all range stats, and it also gives an additional +10 Strength bonus as well, making it one of the most sought after necklaces in the game. The amulet itself offers two unique abilities which can be used when worn: Ranged Strength Boost and Ranged Accuracy Boost.

These abilities will increase your ranged strength or accuracy by 3%, respectively, giving you that much needed edge while out in the field hunting monsters or taking on bosses. Additionally, the Amulet of Fury provides unlimited teleports to any PVP world offered within Old School Runescape; making it easier than ever before to get into those intense PvP fights! On top of that, this amulet also grants players access to a special Slayer Dungeon located underneath Taverly Dungeon – perfect for those looking for some extra experience points without having to worry about getting attacked by other players.

Altogether these aspects make this necklace an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their overall range capabilities within OSRS.

Magic Imbue Osrs

Magic Imbue is a new spell available in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) as part of the Invention skill update. It allows players to imbue weapons and armor with magical properties, providing them with additional combat bonuses such as increased accuracy or damage reduction. With Magic Imbue, players can customize their items for specific scenarios or even create powerful hybrids between two different types of armors or weapons.

This new spell has opened up many possibilities for OSRS players looking to give their equipment an extra edge in battle!

Binding Necklace Rs3

Binding Necklaces are a powerful new piece of wearable equipment available in RuneScape 3. These necklaces provide an array of passive bonuses to their wearer, including increased damage and defence capabilities as well as a boost to combat skills such as Strength and Attack. Additionally, the Binding Necklace can be used for Prayer training by binding it with prayer scrolls, granting bonus XP for each scroll consumed.

All of these benefits make the Binding Necklace a great all-in-one item that is sure to benefit any aspiring warrior looking to gain an edge in battle!

Binding Necklace Osrs Guardians of the Rift

The Binding Necklace Osrs Guardians of the Rift is a special piece of equipment available in Old School RuneScape that provides an increase to your defense level. It is often used by players engaging in high-level combat as it can help provide significant protection against enemies. The necklace requires 75 Defense and 65 Prayer to equip, while also providing additional bonuses such as increased prayer points regeneration and resistance to poison damage.

This versatile tool has quickly become one of the most sought after pieces of gear for adventurers looking to maximize their defensive capabilities!

Herblore Necklace Osrs

The Herblore Necklace is an item that can be obtained from the Grand Exchange in Old School RuneScape. It provides bonuses to Herblore experience when worn, including a 15% bonus to all herbs used in potions. It also offers other benefits such as increased chance of getting secondary ingredients and some protection against poison damage.

The necklace is especially useful for players who are trying to level up their herblore skill quickly, as it increases the amount of experience gained per herb by a substantial amount.


This blog post has demonstrated that the Binding Necklace is a great addition to any OSRS player’s inventory. It offers an effective way to store and access runes quickly at any time, as well as providing some defensive bonuses when worn. The necklace can be obtained from Nieve or Steve in the Gnome Stronghold for just 1000 coins, making it an affordable option for players of all levels looking to upgrade their combat setup.

With its easy accessibility and versatile uses, the Binding Necklace is definitely worth considering for anyone playing Old School RuneScape.

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