Necklace of Passage Osrs

The Necklace of Passage is an item found in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It is a magical necklace that grants the wearer access to certain areas within the game. The Necklace of Passage requires level 40 Magic and 10 Crafting to make and can be purchased from various stores around Gielinor.

When worn, it gives players teleportation abilities allowing them to quickly move between specific locations such as Lumbridge, Draynor Village, Varrock, Falador, Camelot Castle and Ardougne. Players can also use the necklace’s teleport feature on other players for a fee which is paid via coins or runes. This item has been very popular among OSRS players as it provides them with convenient travel options especially when farming resources or doing quests.

The Necklace of Passage is a powerful tool for anyone looking to traverse the vast and dangerous world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It provides unlimited teleportations to any location within OSRS, allowing players to move quickly between major cities or even remote dungeons with ease. With this item in your possession, you can experience all that OSRS has to offer without having to worry about long journeys on foot.

Plus, its magical properties allow it to store up charges so that you don’t have to constantly carry multiple teleportation runes! Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or just starting out, the Necklace of Passage is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants explore every corner of Gielinor.

Necklace of Passage Osrs


What Does Necklace of Passage Do?

A necklace of passage is an ancient form of jewelry that is believed to provide protection and a pathway for the spirit to travel between different realms. It was traditionally worn by shamans and healers who used it as a tool to access other spiritual dimensions. The necklace symbolized the wearer’s journey from life into death, or from one realm to another.

It usually consists of several pieces, often made from shells, stones or beads connected in some way such as being strung on thread or animal hide. Each piece represents a stage in the traveler’s quest and provides protection against harmful entities along their path. Some may also have special charms that offer additional power or strength during difficult passages.

Wearing this type of necklace can help an individual pass through energies safely while journeying into unknown territory, whether physical or metaphysical in nature.

How Do You Get the Necklace of Salamancy in Runescape?

Getting the Necklace of Salamancy in Runescape is a lengthy process, but it’s worth the effort! This powerful necklace requires 80 Crafting and 70 Magic to make. To start, you will need three cut onyx stones – these can be mined from Onyx Rocks located around Prifddinas or bought directly from other players.

Once you have your stones, head over to Lady Ithell at the Crystal Singing Workshop in Prifddinas and use them on her as payment for creating an Unpowered Orb. From there, take your orb with two cosmic runes and four fire runes to Thormac’s Tower southwest of Ardougne Castle for him to enchant it into a charged Fire Orb. With this item in hand, travel northeast of Edgeville Bank to Taverley Dungeon where you must defeat three Shadow Warriors – they drop unstrung symbols which when combined with a ball of wool create an Amulet of Glory; combining this amulet with a Dragonstone yields an Amulet of Fury.

Finally, combine your Charged Fire Orb with Cut Onyx Stones again at Lady Ithell’s workshop for her to craft your Necklace Of Salamancy!

Where Do You Get the Games Necklace in Osrs?

The Games Necklace in Old School Runescape is an enchanted amulet that provides the wearer with a number of useful teleport locations. It can be obtained from one of three places: The Grand Exchange, by trading directly with another player or as a reward from completing Level 3 Treasure Trails. If you are looking to buy the necklace from the Grand Exchange, it will cost you around 2 million coins at current market prices.

You can also get it by trading directly with other players who may have it available for sale and through completing level 3 treasure trails rewards which come randomly while adventuring in-game. The Games Necklace offers great utility and convenience when travelling around Gielinor, providing 4 different teleport locations including Edgeville, Karamja Volcano (Brimhaven), Al Kharid Palace and Duel Arena – all accessible within seconds!

What Does Dodgy Necklace Do?

A dodgy necklace is a type of jewelry that can be used to help ward off bad luck or protect against negative energies. It is believed to work by absorbing negative energy from its surroundings and then dispersing it into the air in harmless forms. The design of the necklace often includes gemstones, charms, and symbols which are thought to have protective properties.

Additionally, some believe that these necklaces have healing powers and can aid in improving mental clarity as well as physical health. Many cultures around the world also attribute special meanings and stories behind various items on dodgy necklaces such as certain stones or animals being linked with good fortune or protection from danger. Ultimately, wearing a dodgy necklace may provide comfort for those who feel like they need an extra layer of security when facing challenging situations.

Jade Osrs

Jagex’s Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a popular MMORPG for PC, mobile and tablet devices. It has been around since 2001, making it one of the oldest MMORPGs still in existence. The game features many quests, skills and monsters to keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

One unique feature of OSRS is that it uses a special type of currency called ‘Jade’. Jade can be earned by completing various activities such as questing or combat. Players can use jade to purchase items from stores or even trade with other players in-game.

Jade Necklace Osrs

The Jade Necklace is a piece of jewelry in Old School RuneScape that can be obtained from crafting pieces of jade into necklaces with level 59 Crafting. It gives an Attack bonus of +6, and requires the player to have completed The Tourist Trap quest before it can be crafted. It is one of the most popular necklaces for mid-level players due to its low cost and ease of acquisition.

Necklace of Passage Poh

The Necklace of Passage Poh is a traditional necklace worn by the Chukchi people of northeastern Siberia. It is made out of deer antler and ivory, and usually has symbols representing the sun, moon, stars and other aspects of nature carved into it. This necklace symbolizes passage from childhood to adulthood in the Chukchi culture, with each bead or design on the necklace having its own special meaning.

The Necklace of Passage Poh also serves as a reminder to stay true to one’s cultural heritage and beliefs.

Seal of Passage Osrs

The Seal of Passage is an item in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that allows players to travel between the four major cities of Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge and Al Kharid. It can be obtained from a variety of sources such as monsters or completing certain quests. The seal must be activated before it can be used for transportation, since it requires the player to have their location registered with the city’s teleportation system.

Once active, players will receive a set amount of charges they may use for teleporting around Gielinor.


The Necklace of Passage Osrs is a great item to have in your inventory while playing Old School Runescape. It has many uses from providing quick transportation to giving the wearer an advantage when hunting for slayer tasks. The necklace also provides extra teleports and can be combined with other items for even more bonuses.

With its low cost and multiple benefits, it’s no wonder why this necklaces remains so popular among players of Old School Runescape. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, the Necklace of Passage Osrs should definitely be part of your arsenal!

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