Trevon Diggs Necklace

Trevon Diggs is an NFL cornerback who currently plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He wears a necklace with a crucifix on it during games, which has become his signature look. The story behind why he wears this necklace dates back to when he was just 6 years old and his grandmother gave him the gift of faith in God before she passed away.

Trevon treasures this piece of jewelry as a reminder that no matter what life throws at him, he can rely on his faith in God to get through it all. This small gesture serves as an emotional anchor for Trevon during games and helps keep him grounded while playing at such high levels of competition. It’s also symbolic of how far he’s come from humble beginnings to now being one of the most prominent cornerbacks in the league today.

Trevon Diggs wears a special necklace every time he steps on the field. It’s a reminder of his brother, NFL star Stefon Diggs, who was traded to the Bills in 2020. Trevon says it serves as an inspiration to him and motivates him to work hard and never give up.

He believes that no matter what happens in life, if you put your mind to something you can achieve it. The necklace is a constant reminder for Trevon that anything is possible with dedication and hard work.

Trevon Diggs Necklace


How Much Does Trevon Diggs Get Paid?

Trevon Diggs is an American football cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Cowboys in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. As a rookie, he signed a four-year deal with Dallas worth $6.48 million, including a signing bonus of $2.7 million and total guarantees of $3.85 million according to Spotrac.

The contract also includes annual performance bonuses that could increase its value up to just over $8 million if all incentives are met during his tenure with Dallas; making him one of their highest paid defensive players in this season’s roster. In addition to his earnings from playing professional football, Trevon Diggs has reportedly partnered with various brands such as Bose and Jordan Brand for endorsement deals which add even more money into his pocket annually.

Who is #7 on the Cowboys?

#7 on the Dallas Cowboys is Quarterback, Dak Prescott. The fourth-year veteran has had a tremendous career thus far with the team since being drafted in 2016 out of Mississippi State University. He has already set numerous franchise records and been named to two Pro Bowls, while leading the Cowboys to three straight winning seasons and two playoff berths over his first three years as a starter.

This season he looks poised for bigger and better things as he continues to develop both his leadership skills and understanding of head coach Mike McCarthy’s offensive system. With a talented group of weapons around him, Prescott should be able to take advantage of favorable matchups downfield this year in what could be an exciting campaign for #7 and the entire Dallas offense..

Is Trevon Diggs Related to Taye Diggs?

No, Trevon Diggs and Taye Diggs are not related. Though they share the same last name, there is no evidence to suggest that the two actors are actually related. Both men have become popular figures in their respective fields; however, their paths never seem to have crossed at any point throughout their careers.

While it would be interesting if the two were related (and surely a surprise for many of their fans), chances are that we may never know for sure as neither has confirmed or denied any familial relationship between them.

What Football Player Has the Last Name Diggs?

The most notable football player with the last name Diggs is Stefon Diggs, a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League (NFL). He was born on November 29th, 1993 and grew up in Gaithersburg, MD. After playing college football at Maryland, he declared for the 2015 NFL Draft where he was selected by the Vikings as their fifth-round pick.

Since then, he has gone on to become one of the top receivers in all of football. His best season came during his 2018 campaign when he tallied 1,130 receiving yards and nine touchdowns while leading Minnesota to an NFC North title and their first playoff appearance since 2012. He currently holds several franchise records with Minnesota including single-season receptions (102), consecutive games with a reception (64) and career touchdown receptions (35).

Aside from his success on the field, Stefon is also known for his community outreach efforts through his Silla Foundation which provides educational resources to youth across various communities in Maryland.


This blog post has provided an interesting look into the meaning behind Trevon Diggs’ necklace. It appears that by wearing this special piece of jewelry, Diggs is able to honor his late brother and be reminded of how much he means to him. While it is a personal choice for each individual, it serves as a reminder that life can be unpredictable and at times difficult, but with love and support we can get through anything.

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