Katherine Pierce Necklace

The Katherine Pierce Necklace is a piece of jewelry that was featured in the hit television show The Vampire Diaries. It is an ornate silver and black pendant with a pentagram design, believed to protect its wearer from harm. The necklace belonged to main character Katherine Pierce and it was presented to her by the original vampire Klaus Mikaelson as a token of his affection for her.

Throughout the series, Katherine wore the necklace when she needed protection or courage in difficult situations, showing how important it was to her. Fans of the show have since created replicas of this iconic piece which they often wear as a symbol of their own love for The Vampire Diaries.

Katherine Pierce’s necklace is an iconic symbol of the supernatural drama, “The Vampire Diaries”. The silver chain with a sun and moon carved into it has become a popular piece of jewelry for fans to wear as a reminder of the show. It was specifically crafted to represent Katherine’s dual nature – she could be both good and bad depending on her needs.

This simple yet powerful necklace serves as a reminder that love can conquer all darkness and evil, no matter how strong they may seem.

Katherine Pierce Necklace

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What Does Katherine’S Necklace Do?

Katherine’s necklace is much more than just an accessory; it has a unique and powerful purpose. The mystical pendant holds the power to unlock portals between worlds, allowing Katherine to travel from one place to another in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but it also possesses magical powers which enable her to conjure up all sorts of spells when needed.

Whether she needs protection against dark forces or requires assistance with a difficult situation, Katherine can always count on her necklace for help. It is truly remarkable how this small piece of jewelry has such incredible capabilities – no wonder it’s so important to her!

What are the Necklaces from Vampire Diaries?

The necklaces from Vampire Diaries were a major plot point in the series. They were two identical pendants, one belonging to Elena Gilbert and the other belonging to her doppelgänger Katherine Pierce. The necklaces had a simple design with an ornate metal chain and a circular silver pendant etched with the symbol for eternity.

Both necklaces contained vervain, which was used by vampires as protection against compulsion and mind control, as well as being able to detect supernatural beings. Throughout the show they are used by both Elena and Katherine but have different purposes; while Elena’s necklace acts like a personal talisman that shields her from vampire powers such as compulsion or mind control, Katherine’s necklace can be used to protect people around her whenever she is compelled into doing something wrong or dangerous. Both of these powerful items play an important role in helping characters throughout their journey on Vampire Diaries!

How Did Katherine Become a Vampire?

Katherine Pierce is a vampire who has been around for centuries, dating back to the 16th century. She was born in Mystic Falls, Virginia and her family had deep ties with the supernatural community. Katherine first encountered vampires when she met Elijah Mikaelson, an Original Vampire.

He offered her immortality if she agreed to turn into a vampire herself, which she accepted after some hesitation. After becoming a vampire, Katherine embraced her new life and used it as an opportunity to gain power and manipulate those around her for her own benefit. Her cunning mind and devious tactics soon made her one of the most powerful vampires in history.

Over time Katherine developed several unique abilities such as enhanced strength and speed that allowed her to outmaneuver even the most skilled opponents in battle or seduction alike. Despite being feared by many of those close to Elena Gilbert because of what they knew she could do, there were still others who chose not to fear but instead accept Katherine’s new form because they knew that underneath all of the darkness from within lied a caring person capable of great things both good and bad depending on the situation at hand.

What Episode Does Katherine Come Back?

Katherine Pierce, a mysterious and powerful vampire from Mystic Falls, first appeared in the Vampire Diaries Season 2 premiere. Since then, she has been a major character throughout the series as well as being featured in spin-off shows The Originals and Legacies. Fans of the show have long wondered when Katherine would make her return to Mystic Falls after disappearing during season 8.

Lucky for us, that time came on episode 12 of season 8 titled “What Are You?” In this episode, we finally get our answer as Katherine returns with plans to take control of Mystic Falls once more. However, due to unforeseen circumstances she is forced out again before doing so.

Even though it wasn’t exactly what fans were expecting or hoping for; this was still an enjoyable episode full of surprises and excitement!

Katherine Pierce Daylight Necklace

The Katherine Pierce Daylight Necklace is a chic and stylish silver necklace that features a large crescent moon pendant. The elegant design of the necklace was inspired by the character of Katherine Pierce from the popular television show, Vampire Diaries. This gorgeous piece of jewelry makes for a perfect accessory for any fan of the show and adds an extra touch to any outfit!

Elena Gilbert Necklace

The Elena Gilbert necklace is one of the most iconic symbols from the hit television show, The Vampire Diaries. It was a gift from her brother, Jeremy, and it featured a sterling silver chain with an antique finish and a moonstone-encrusted medallion in the shape of sun with rays extending outward. This necklace served as a reminder that even though Elena had become a vampire, she was still connected to her humanity by having those important people around her who loved and cared for her.

Katherine Pierce Cameo Necklace

The Katherine Pierce cameo necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that was given to Katherine Pierce, the main character from The Vampire Diaries. It’s a beautiful pendant made of sterling silver and decorated with an intricate black and white engraving of a woman’s face. The pendant also has an inscription which reads “Katherine Pierce – Always & Forever”.

This sentimental necklace represents true love, eternity and strength in the face of danger, making it the perfect gift for any fan of The Vampire Diaries.

Katherine Pierce Costume

Katherine Pierce is a popular vampire character from the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. Her costume includes a long black dress, black boots, and an iconic choker necklace with a red stone in it. Fans of the show can easily recreate her look by finding similar pieces at their local thrift store or online.

With this classic outfit, you are sure to be an instant hit at any Halloween party!


The Katherine Pierce necklace is a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that has been crafted with great attention to detail. The design is timeless and will be admired for years to come. It’s a perfect gift for any fan of the Vampire Diaries or those who appreciate classic, elegant jewelry pieces.

With its high-quality stones, intricate details, and exquisite craftmanship, it makes an ideal addition to any collection. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more ornate, this necklace is sure to make a statement!

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