Motorcycle Accident Injury | Types of Motorcycle Injuries and Common Causes

Motorcycle Accident Injury | Types of Motorcycle Injuries and Common Causes

Motorcycle accident injury is a serious problem. When a motorcyclist rides their bike under the open sky, they feel the thrill of a touch of nature. Many can not control themselves. As a result, an accident took place. Today Motorcycle Accident Injury I will discuss Types of Motorcycle Injuries and Common Causes. Hopefully, you will benefit.

Motorcycle Accident Injury

According to the NHTSA, about 5,000 riders died in motorcycle accident injuries in 2020 alone. And motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than other accidents. Motorcycle accidents account for more than all vehicles, accounting for 14% of all road accidents.

Motorcycle Injuries by the Numbers

  • A 2016 survey found that about 93,000 riders were injured in various road motorcycle accident claims. Most of them are motorcycle accident injuries.
  • About half of all internal injuries from motorcycle accidents involve injuries to the lower body, especially to the thighs, legs, knees, ankles, or ankles.
  • motorcycle accident compensation,treatment costs an average of $ 6,000 to $ 30,000. However, in severe cases such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, lifetime aftercare can cost up to 4 million.
Motorcycle Accident Injury |Types of Motorcycle Injuries and Common Causes,

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Injuries

Lack of safety – The open nature of the motorcycle means that there are no fenced bogies, no crumple zones, or safety restrictions to protect the rider in the event of an accident.motorcycle personal injury,

Inexperience: – More than half of riders involved in accidents had less than 5 months of experience at the time of the incident and 92% were self-taught. In addition, about two-thirds of single-vehicle accidents are caused by rider errors, such as overshooting and overbaking. best motorcycle accident lawyer near me,

Unsafe driving behavior: – According to the NHTSA, motorcycles are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents with stationary objects than other vehicles, and 32% of driver deaths are due to speed. top rated motorcycle accident law firm, 29% were riding without a valid driving license.

Driving under the influence of alcohol: – fair settlement for the motorcycle accident, mortality is the highest due to drunk driving compared to other vehicles and 43% of bikers who died in single-vehicle accidents were alcohol-disabled.

Lack of helmet use: – motorcycle injury claim, In states without universal helmet laws, 57% of riders did not wear helmets, compared to only 8% of helmet-ridden deaths in states with helmet laws.

Types of Motorcycle Injuries

  1. Head and brain injuries
  • Head motorbike injury compensation, is the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents, according to the National Institutes of Health.
  • Head motorcycle injury compensation, can range from minor (such as an injury) to moderate to severe (skull fractures and facial deformities) to life-threatening (traumatic brain injury).
  • In addition to physical damage, serious head injuries can lead to life-changing complications. These include intellectual disabilities, social and behavioral changes, sensitive problems, and impaired communication skills. motor accident lawyer,
  • In the worst-case scenario, infected people may be in a comatose or vegetative state. motorbike injury claims,
  • A CDC study found that helmeted riders were more than twice as likely to have head injuries than helmeted riders. motorcycle foot injury,

2. Neck and back injuries

  • 15% of riders who end up in rehabilitation are due to neck or back injuries. motorbike accident lawyer,
  • Injuries range from minor (whiplash) to severe (vertebral, disc or soft tissue damage). In almost all non-minor cases there may be moderate pain and affect mobility. At worst, it can be partial or complete paralysis, which can be temporary or permanent. (best motorcycle injury).
  • Because the neck and spinal injuries affect motor function, costs are prohibited. This includes lost wages, long-term rehabilitation, or potential lifelong care. motorcycle accident personal injury claim,

3. Mutilation

  • Dissection motorbike injury refers to the loss of one end. Riders are at high risk for amputation as they do not have enclosed bogies even when wearing protective gear.
  • Separation can cause damage to a finger, motorcycle accident compensation claim, hand, toe or foot, in addition to possible damage to the arm or foot.
  • Separation can occur either during the initial crash or as a result of a complication or infection where the affected part must be removed to save the life of the infected person. personal injury motorcycle accident,

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4. Paralysis

  • Paralysis can be the result of a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury and it can affect a local area of ​​the body, or paralysis of the whole body. motorcycle compensation,
  • 20% of riders who need rehabilitation due to a spinal cord injury have permanent complications. motorcycle personal injury,
  • Of the four types of paralysis, quadriplegia or loss of function of all four limbs is the most serious and permanent paralysis that may require lifelong care. motorbike crash claim,
  • It is a myth that motorcycle helmets can increase the risk of neck injury and paralysis. In fact, multiple studies have shown that riders wearing helmets are 2 times less likely to have spinal cord injuries than those who do not wear helmets.

5. Joint and ligament injury

  • Lower side injuries are responsible for nearly half of all motorcycle accidents. These include thighs, legs, knees, ankles, and feet. motorcycle accident lawyer long beach,
  • Leg injuries are most common, followed by the pelvic region and the knee.
  • The use of armored riding boots can reduce the risk of open wounds and foot injuries by up to 90% by 45%.

6. Shoulder injury

  • In an accident where the rider falls off the bike or his upper body collides with an object, a shoulder injury can occur. motorcycle injury law firms,
  • Motorcycle accidents are more complicated than hearing shoulder injuries because the shoulder has three delicate parts: the clavicle or collarbone, the shoulder blade, and the upper arm bone. An error in one part can easily affect the function of others.
  • Common shoulder injuries to motorcyclists include a dislocated shoulder, a clavicle fracture or a torn rotator cuff. In severe cases, surgery may be required for the injury followed by a few weeks or monthly physical therapy.

7. Broken bones and fractures

  • Bone fractures and broken fractures are some common injuries in motorcycle accidents. These can be due to the force of the collision, falling, sliding, getting off the bike, or trying to reduce the impact with outstretched arms or legs.
  • Although the bone has no pain receptors of its own, a broken bone injury is still painful because it affects the tissue around the defect. This can lead to fluid accumulation which causes swelling, muscle spasms and severe pain.
  • Physical therapy takes about 3-4 months, depending on the average, the severity of the bone, and the number of fractures. motorcycle wrist injury,

8. Burns, cracks and street rashes

  • According to the National Trauma Data Bank, more than 20,400 people were injured in road accidents in 2013 in motorcycle accidents. personal injury lawyer motorcycle accidents,
  • Although most of the street rashes were minor injuries, about 2,000 people needed acute rehabilitation and 400 died.
  • In 62% of motorcycle accidents, fuel leaks, greatly increase the risk of fire and burns.

9. Stains and deformed injuries

  • Facial injuries are common in face-to-face collisions. Unfortunately, 76% of two-car motorcycle accidents involve head-on collisions, which increases the risk of facial injuries for riders.
  • In non-severe cases, there may be scarring which requires skin graft or laser treatment. However, deformities caused by severe facial injuries require extensive surgery and multiple cosmetic procedures and may not allow the rider to return to their previous appearance.
  • Outside of treatment, drivers deformed in an accident can experience frustration, trauma, and emotional distress due to life-changing effects.
  • Multiple studies in different countries show that full-face helmets greatly reduce the risk of facial scars and distortion. motorbike accident compensation claim,

10. Wrong death

  • Although not a serious injury, an unjust death is a claim against negligent or defective drivers by a dead biker or close relatives of the passenger. Each state has its own unjust death laws and restrictions.

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  • Some states allow two claims: one to restore the value of a dead person’s life, and the other to cover the cost of a funeral and the pain and suffering of loved ones.
  • The restriction rule may be extended when there are provocative factors, such as driving while intoxicated. motorbike compensation claim,

Motorcycle injury as a result of an accident is a very complex issue. In addition to dealing with authorities and insurance providers, the injured party must show evidence of guilt or negligence on the part of the other driver in order to claim compensation and damages. Types of Motorcycle Injuries.

When an accident occurs that results in an injury, it is highly reasonable to find a motorcycle accident lawyer. They can take care of the investigation, guide you through the legal process and negotiate on your behalf from a strong position so that you can focus on recovery.

In this article, I provide all the information about Motorcycle Accident Injury | Types of Motorcycle Injuries and Common Causes. Hope you read all the information, Motorcycle accident Injury Andover, I promise it can help you find Motorcycle Accident Injury | Types of Motorcycle Injuries and Common Causes in the USA. If you have any other questions about this, please leave a comment below. Thanks.