Telly Savalas Necklace

Telly Savalas was an American actor, singer and film producer who is best known for his role as the title character in “Kojak”, a successful television series that aired from 1973 to 1978. He famously wore a gold cross necklace during this show’s run. The necklace has become an icon of his on-screen persona, being mentioned by fans and in various media outlets.

It was also used to promote various products associated with the show such as toys and fan merchandise. According to reports, the original cross belonged to Savalas’ mother and he had it made into a necklace when he began filming “Kojak”. To this day, the Telly Savalas Necklace remains one of Hollywood’s most iconic accessories.

Telly Savalas was a famous actor and singer known for his work on the television series Kojak. One of the most iconic features of his appearance was his signature necklace, which he wore in many photos and videos throughout his career. The silver chain with a diamond-studded medallion has become a symbol of Telly’s style and elegance, as well as being an important part of pop culture history.

Telly Savalas Necklace


Is Jennifer Aniston Related to Telly Savalas?

No, Jennifer Aniston is not related to Telly Savalas. Although they both have achieved fame in the entertainment industry and are of Greek heritage, there is no evidence that the two stars are related. While it’s possible they may be distant cousins or share common ancestors somewhere down the line, their relationship has never been confirmed by either family.

In fact, neither one even ever commented on the possibility of a connection between them during their lifetimes. At most we can speculate that they could have some ancestral link due to their Greek backgrounds, but this is pure speculation and remains unconfirmed at present.

What Detective Always Had a Lollipop?

Scooby-Doo is one of the most iconic detectives of all time, and a beloved cartoon character to boot. He’s known for his brave antics, goofy personality, and trusty sidekick Shaggy. But there’s another thing that Scooby-Doo is famous for: His never-ending supply of lollipops!

Whether he was solving mysteries with the Mystery Inc. gang or just lounging around in his dog house, Scooby was always seen munching on a tasty treat. We may never know why he loves these so much but it definitely adds an extra layer of charm to this classic cartoon character!

Why Did Kojak Have a Lollipop?

Kojak, the iconic character from the 1970s American crime drama series of the same name, was rarely seen without his trademark lollipop. The reason behind this often asked question is that Telly Savalas, who played Kojak in all five seasons of the show, had a habit of smoking cigars and wanted to find a way to cover up their smell on set. To do so he started chewing on lollipops which became synonymous with him over time.

Additionally it worked as an interesting visual for viewers when watching him solve cases and interrogate suspects; providing a unique contrast between his tough demeanor and soft candy treat. Furthermore people found it endearing whenever Kojak would offer someone else one of these treats in exchange for information or as a reward for helping out. All these reasons combined have made Kojak’s lollipop an enduring symbol both on TV and today in popular culture at large.

What Kind of Lollipop Did Kojak Like?

Kojak was a fan of Tootsie Pops, the chocolate-flavored lollipops with an iconic hard candy shell. The popular television detective was known for his catchphrase “Who loves ya baby?” and he also had a love for lollipops – specifically, Tootsie Pops. Kojak often kept one in his mouth while solving cases or interrogating suspects, making it an iconic part of the show’s style.

Of course, Kojak wasn’t the only person to appreciate Tootsie Pops; they are among some of America’s favorite treats and have been around since 1931 when they were first invented by Polish immigrant Leo Hirshfield. They come in numerous flavors such as cherry, grape, orange and raspberry as well as their classic chocolate flavor which is still preferred by many fans of Kojak today!


This post has provided an interesting look into the history of Telly Savalas’ iconic necklace. It’s a fascinating story that shows how one small piece of jewelry can have a great impact on a person’s life, as well as pop culture. The necklace is now known by many fans and movie-goers alike, and it serves as a reminder to never underestimate the power of small details in making something truly special.

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