Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Flipkart has made its place in the Indian ecommerce industry. You can do everything from selling handmade jewelry to booking a flight. It provides services as well as costs. Like many others, Flipkart has announced its approved program until 2018

Authorized facility with Flipkart

Flipkart has developed its technology instead of outsourcing everything, which means it has a better understanding of the needs of the client.With a variety of products for sale, it’s no wonder how it has gained its huge web traffic. More people means higher chances of successful publicity.

Flipkart affiliate marketing performance-oriented; It constantly encourages affiliates to convert drives.

Nitin Mathur, co-founder and head of business at 91 Mobile, said, “Flipkart operates one of the best approved programs in India. They have a wide range of products to promote and the tracking is accurate, fitty competitive and always delivered on time. Account managers are also very professional, and provide immediate assistance if needed

Prerequisites are simple: a valid bank account in your name and a website or blog to promote the products. For a successful approved career:

Get your website/blog ready Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Guide.

If you have a blog in a public domain like Koora, consider setting up a website to be able to customize your visitors experience. For those of you who want to stick to the blog, read my article on Pro Blogging Tips. You can confirm a prompt setup of your website by following the tips provided.

Find a good domain name for your website. Name it so it shows visitors how it treats your blog and how you can help them. For any blog related to electronics you can name it gogadgets.com. Any user looking for electronics will end up on your website!

Find a good blog hosting service. Keep in mind that this will affect your income, so go for a reliable hosting service. Even fake services make real money, so be careful, even if it costs a little more. Hostgator and Bigrohosting are good servicing agents.

Install a good theme of your choice. Never underestimate the power of beauty! Use a font that is easy to read on both desktop and mobile platforms. Try to avoid color from the 80s.

Master SEO and go to the first page.

You all know that SEO makes your website more discoverable. A few plugins will make a difference, you need to go the extra mile to win the competition: Short URLs, meta titles and meta descriptions of each page, keyword optimization anywhere. Never forget there is always this order.

Your landing page is the first impression. If you need aesthetic help or want to look for things on an old website, Canva has some great free options. For stock-free images, turn to Unsplash. Make your website mobile friendly. WordPress’s AMP plugin works mostly for you; All you have to do is install it. To test whether your website is mobile-friendly, check out Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Links to sites with high domain authority Google reads trustworthy websites on your webpages and thinks this person needs to be credible if he only links to trusted websites and hinders your SEO score. Improving website traffic.

Here are some ways to improve your website traffic:

Use the forum:

Find a forum related to your niche. If you are a hairdresser, look for a company that specializes in hair care products. The forum is meant to connect you only with your target audience, not to spam it with authorized links. Drive the audience, not hate them.

Social media:

Why do successful bloggers like Neel Patel and me have a YouTube channel? Patanjali, why does an Ayurvedic company need Instagram to run? Social media is not just about connectivity. It’s about outreach marketing. People who follow you are interested in one of two things: you (your friends and family) or your content (the audience you have acquired).

Promoting links on social media handles comes with your testimonials. If PV Sindhu offers it we are more likely to buy fitness gear, if your followers are more likely to buy it then you recommend it. Here’s how to use social media to promote your business.

Word of mouth:

Talk to people! Leave a few words to your friends and family about your blog, share its link in WhatsApp groups, and ask your friends to include it in its status. To get that positive idea, look for questions that you think you can answer well on Koora, Reddit and North.com with a link to your blog.


We Indians must love our festival! When a celebration is in the corner, millions of people see them spending their money to make it more special. Flipkart will also have its own discounts and set offers for consumers in the store, so go perfectly with the promotion.

Highlight before the price goes down. Bonus Tip: There are lots of birthdays in July, August and September, so remember this and promote gift ideas during these months.

Choosing your niche

It is important to not only write about your key skills and emotions but also to focus on your needs and availability. If Flipkart doesn’t sell Oiza boards, there’s no point in writing about tools to help communicate with the dead. Before choosing your topic of interest,

Go to the Flipkart section and choose the one you are most concerned with.

Go into the products in the section and critique your skills about them.
Suppose you have at least found your niche.
Commission rates do justice to all products in all departments,

Remember: Just because commissions are high doesn’t mean you have to pay more to promote that product. The gemstone has only 0.1% commission, but the average cost is Rs 2,000. That means you will get a commission of 200 rupees. On the other hand, a 400% commission on a 10 taka book will give you only 40 taka. So focus on your niche, not the commission rate.

Writing reviews:
We are human; We trust testimonials on data and statistics. Assuming your niche is something that you are passionate about and you have tried and tested the product, then go ahead and write a review! The key is honesty, not cruelty or persuasion. Write as little as you need about the product and consider making an unboxing and experimental video embedded in your blog. After following the final judgment, list the benefits, cons, and ingredients (where applicable) on your blog.

Write a few honest, negative ones to gain confidence before you search for positive ones that have approved links. For inspiration, check out Technical Guruji’s blogs and videos. Lengths and technical explanations of dialects, blogs and videos appealing to Indian audiences that do not confuse us with jargon are all brilliant examples that you can follow.

Authorized link creation and promotion:
The link that a visitor can access on Flipkart for any shopping on your website is called affiliate link. You can simply create an authorized link by clicking “Authorized Link Generation” on the dashboard.

You can refer users to Flipkart’s products using their promotional banners on your website and links directly to related pages where users can purchase. So when visitors follow these to buy Flipkart.com and products, you make money (up to 12% for every user who clicks on the banner or link!).

If you go beyond the concept of users on Flipkart, do not use strange. Flipkart’s affiliate marketing program provides you with a wide range of options, using which you can create multiple opportunities to link Flipkart to your website, including some professionally designed tools. Let’s take a closer look at the various “tools” mentioned earlier:

Product link:
You have the option to edit the text link.
Regarding button links, you can choose from 3 options like below.
Product banner:
You can choose text color, link color and background color.
Content boundaries
Price details (you have on / off options).
To place these links and banners on your websites you need to follow a 4 step sequence.

Search for the product. Choose a product that you think can attract a lot of visitors to your website. Choose the product on your website that will bring in customers.
Customize the link / banner using the options above.
Create code
Add the code to your website.
These links and banners further enrich the content of your website and app and are very compatible with mobile and desktop screens. Your authorized IDs will be included in the links, and so every time someone buys something using your link you will get that commission!

Widgets like banners are customizable, dynamic content amic means any change in product prices or offers on Flipkart will be reflected in your website widget, meaning the link will be ‘up to date’; All widget information is the latest information about the product on Flipkart.
Widgets are one of the most interesting tools offered to Flipkart. They are up to date and interactive and give visitors information without the need to click on the link.

Search engine/Seo:
In this way, you can help your visitors access the Flipkart search bar through your website so they can go through the process of exploring products, excluding their unique use of the current website. Search tools are useful because users can access your content as well as the wide range of products available on Flipkart.

So if you’re writing about how cool the iPhone is, any user who thinks Apple products aren’t affordable can access the search bar through your website and you can find phones with similar features to the ones discussed. By doing this you are providing a wide range of products to offer your users and since they will click through all these products to your link, your chances of earning commission increase.

API means application programming interface. The advantage of APIs is that they provide exclusive access to their product catalog, increasing product discovery opportunities on Flipkart. With this kind of access, you will be able to promote products based on their search frequency, description and other features.

For example, if the search frequency for Benares sarees is increasing, even if your preferred category is preferred, APIs enable you to promote Banaras sarees with Indian ethnic wear. Search tools and APIs will do better on the right side of your blog while keeping your content unobtrusive.

As a banner with offers, place them near the top, so that readers see it first. We are not promoting the product; Rather we are promoting the offer. Include them in the placement of your links where you are talking about the product (if your final verdict is positive). Don’t try to promote products where you’ve listed more cons than professionals; It will simply leave an impression of incredibility on your audience.

One type of link may work for someone else’s blog but it can be a misstop for you. If your blog is about products that are more affordable or more aesthetically pleasing, choose the search tool to allow readers to browse while on your blog. If it’s a festive or birthday season, go for proud banners on attractive offers. If you are promoting something that has a lot of price variations (like gold), choose a widget or API that can reflect these changes.

Some things to keep in mind:
Flipkart has access to the tools as well as its restrictions. When trying to promote products and earn approved commissions, you must be aware of some catches:

So if a user comes across your link, clicks on it, decides to take some time to think about buying it, and searches on their own through Flipkart’s website instead of buying it through your link, you won’t get any commission .
Purchasing a product through your link must take place within one session, i.e. within 30 minutes. A session begins when the user first clicks on the link to your website and when it ends (a) the user adds the product to your link in your shopping cart or (b) more than 30 minutes have elapsed since you clicked on the link.

So, in order to earn commission, the user must add the product to his shopping cart within 30 minutes of clicking on your link. If the user returns or removes the product added to his shopping cart, your commission may be canceled. It is being compared to another authorized program: eBay Partner Network. Numerous e-commerce sites offer approved marketing programs. Although eBay is not very popular in India, its comparison with Flipkart gives us insight.

Differences between two programs are as follow:

On eBay, a session is 24 hours, not 30 minutes. While it may seem like eBay is better than Flipkart, many authorized marketers see this as a problem. However, many other authorized marketing programs, such as Amazon, pay a commission to its authorized companies if the user makes a purchase within 30 days.By invitation, there is a specially approved program for affiliates who drive a significant amount of traffic on eBay and contribute to purchases.

A unique “elite” approved program for exceptional marketers, which encourages authorized marketers to do better.EBay offers relatively low commission rates. Affiliate marketers typically earn 1 to 6% from users as a commission.
Godaddy Authorized Agency:
Let’s now look at the differences between Flipkart and Godaddy about their approved programs.

Note: Companies affiliated with GoDaddy are promoting GoDaddy products, which are primarily domains for websites. This makes us different from e-commerce and e-commerce sites like Flipkart, so there will be a significant change in how these programs work.

The average rate of commission is 10% and top artists can get up to 30%. You can immediately see that the commission rate is high. The increased commission rate for top performers is an advantage that both eBay and Godaddy offer, something that will encourage affiliates to work harder and earn more.
Like Flipkart in India, which has strong brand recognition, it is a major plus point because users will trust the names they know. Brand name recognition should be used; Newly approved marketers need to go for partnerships with brands that many already know about.
Before signing up for any type of authorized program, make sure your website or blog is ready.

Plan your promotions so you can get the most out of the festive season and discounts. Honestly, write a two-point review that will help readers make a decision.
Use some of the tools that Flipkart can provide.
Make sure you know all the terms on Flipkart like the back of your hand.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t sign up for Flipkart’s approved program in time! The Amazon Associate program, the Mintra affiliate program, and the Wiktionary program are just as great if nothing else. With that in mind, along with some introductions to specific programs, you may be the next self-made promoter who makes thousands from the comfort of your own home.

Check out this blog for information about Amazon’s programs, to learn more about Amazon’s authorized companies. Be sure to check out these 15 tips about the Flipkart Affiliate Program to increase your sales.

Let me know in the comments below about your affiliate marketing journey!

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