What is Facebook Marketing? Why? How to do Facebook marketing?

Facebook is the world most popular social media. At present, its popularity is much higher in almost every country in the world. Facebook marketing is the promotion of an organization, product or service to Facebook users think on Facebook. You can do this yourself or through any Facebook marketer.

In the simplest sense, the advertisement that is given on Facebook is called Facebook marketing. Any kind of advertisement can be given on e-Facebook through money.

This type of advertisement usually comes with sponsored posts of different products in your Facebook newsfeed and pictures or offers of different products come on the right side of your Facebook and these are Say Facebook ads.

Why do Facebook marketing ?

We all know of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. Facebook first launched in 2004. After starting the journey, Facebook did not have to look back. According to the 2016 survey, the number of monthly active users of Facebook is 1.6 billion. Daily Facebook users 1.15 billion. The number of users using Facebook on mobile is 1.84. The number of pictures uploaded to Facebook every day is 300 million.

The average time spent per visitor on Facebook is 20 minutes. Every minute, 510,000 comments, 293,000 statuses and 1,36,000 images are uploaded. 16m local business pages have been created on Facebook. Facebook as soon as they wake up, or they wake up when they come to Facebook. According to a report, Facebook users are growing at a rate of 16% per year and it continues to grow

Think about it, in 2017, there are 16 crore active users of Facebook, there are 50 crore users of Hotspot, the number of users of Twitter is 264 million. Where do you get so many customers for advertising. Facebook’s other means of communication, Instagram, has 60 million users.

How to do Facebook marketing

Now let’s see what are the benefits of marketing on Facebook instead of analog marketing. Facebook advertising from banners, cyboards, billboards, festoons, paper, radio, or TV advertising is much more important because it yields more results at a lower cost.

You can do the highest level of marketing through Facebook. If you do Facebook marketing, you can check your marketing results instantly and if necessary, you can stop your running ads and advertise in new ways.

You can review your results by marketing on Facebook. Facebook’s advertising costs are very low. Nowadays, due to the widespread use of social media, especially Facebook, almost all people are connected to each other, so you can easily convey your message to others.

Online presence is being noticed for all government and non-government organizations, small, large and startups, so the campaign is very important for business success at present.

The biggest reason for your coming to Facebook ads may be the possibility of more publicity at a lower cost. Whether you are a small business owner or the owner of a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool to reach out to people of all ages, from all levels, to retain customers or to increase brand promotion and expand your business. You can. There is no alternative to Facebook marketing for brand creation.

How to do Facebook Marketing ??

We have been discussing Facebook marketing in detail for so long. Now we will briefly discuss how we can do marketing and we will discuss it in detail in the future. I have divided Facebook marketing into two parts. The first is unpaid or the second can help the paid or marketer.

Individual or paid marketing

When you start marketing on Facebook on your own, it is called standalone marketing. You can do this kind of marketing from your own Facebook account. This is important because if you want to market yourself then your account has to be standard.

On social media, people do not want to trust strangers easily and if they do not trust, people will not be interested in hearing anything from them or anything from them for any reason.

You have to have and share different types of articles or videos so that you can create a connection with them. In this way, you can become trustworthy through regular communication post comments. Now I will tell you how to create a standard account for Facebook marketing.

Here you first need to create a good Facebook profile. Create an account on Facebook with a beautiful profile picture with all the information.

Facebook Marketing tips

Prepare the profile without any misinformation. Your account needs to be sorted out to create a good quality account. Try to make yourself special so that you can easily make yourself credible to everyone. Now you have to be a little careful in adding friends. If you do not add a friend who is also a marketer, then it will be seen that the marketing you are doing is of no use.

You can also do paid marketing with the help of different marketers or you can do paid marketing yourself. Paid marketing is a very big marketing strategy, here you have to have ideas about many things if you want to be successful in marketing. Moreover, paid marketing is not possible in our country due to the problems of the dollar system.

So if you do not have a MasterCard and are not very expert in this regard, then contact the marketing agency. Stay with us. Very soon we will explain in detail how to do paid marketing with MasterCard’s solution.

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