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Want to market your product or service to 10+ million people? According to official data, there are now more than 1 million Facebook users in Bangladesh! And the number of Facebook users is increasing day by day.

Yes! If you want to do marketing to 10+ lakh Bangladeshis, you have to do marketing using Facebook. And you have to understand that most of these 1 million people are young. If you can catch 1% of these young people, then any of your business will stand for life time. Those are much more targeted for your product or business.

Facebook is a special opportunity to do digital marketing worldwide, which is much more effective than any other medium of marketing. And bytecode is giving you to take advantage of this opportunity, Facebook Marketing Service in Bangladesh, Best Facebook Marketing Service in Bangladesh, and the worldwide service is with you.

How do we do Facebook marketing for your business?

If you want to do marketing on Facebook, we will help you by shooting the following.

Creates / manages / optimizes Facebook ads.
Designs / optimizes fan pages. I will follow the steps below to design.
Set up your Page
Identify your audience
Create compelling content
Measure and adjust
Increases the targeted fan.
Creates custom tabs.
Post related content (pictures, statuses, videos) every day.
With Quiz / Poll / Giveway / Contest.
Manages coupons.
Performs custom application development.
Reputation management.
Increases traffic to your website through Facebook.
By creating Facebook Marketing Strategy.
By creating Brand and User Engagement Plan.
By explaining the Facebook Advertisements system.
By analyzing your ads.
Contact us to get very good design / marketing service.

It is a burden to find someone today who has F-Commerce or e-commerce business but is not worried about Facebook promotion. And the admin of a Facebook page means all kinds of thoughts; Here are some important Facebook marketing tips to help you get rid of all the worries about how to promote business, increase sales, increase shares …… etc.

All the big companies are now promoting their products on Facebook. The world’s largest brand Coca-Cola is bringing 18% of their customers through Facebook. So social media marketing is now one of the marketing parts of every business organization.

Some Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks.

Use a very good profile picture, with which people can easily recognize your company. Click here to get a good profile picture or contact us to get a very good design.
Cover photo, pin post, call to action buttons must be used for marketing. And it is important to keep a balance between them.
Use Tracking URL + Facebook Insight to view page performance.
Occasionally post paid to promote organic posts. Contact us if you want to do targeted paid marketing in a very good way.
Find your targeted audience. If you are unable to do so, please contact us on 01738 198 111 to get help from us.
Invite your friends, leave messages, reply to comments, share pages with them, invite those who have your business contacts.
Post very nice and useful content, don’t do cheap marketing, don’t beg for like comments and shares.
Batpari, don’t promote the page with false temptations. Try to attack the customer using valid system or increase engagement.

Experimentally posted at different times of the day

Most business companies post their posts on Facebook during traditional business hours. But what if a large portion of your visitors are abroad? In that case you can try posting at different times of the day or night. That will definitely bring different results. It will depend on the type of users of your product. Based on trial and error, you can find the best time to post for you.

Of course automated posts should be avoided. If you need you can use Facebook’s schedule tool. One thing to keep in mind here. When there is a new post, your audience will expect that someone is alive. In that case when you can’t answer their query or query immediately, they will understand you are dead (sleeping). That is not good for you.

Give visitors a chance to discuss:

You may want to come up with a new product or a new design. In that case you can take their feedback from your fans. You might run a survey among them or vote to get information about your new logo or product color that will help you manage your business properly. It will not only increase the brand loyalty of your product, it will also give you an idea of ​​what your fans want.

Use pictures – because they last longer

Images are usually shared more. One study found that image posts received 60 times more engagement than just text or links. That’s why you don’t have to buy an expensive DSLR camera. You can download Instagram on your smart phone and snap instantly and upload it to your fakebook page. You can share videos.

Be your own biggest fan

To know about the latest trends or fads, you need to have a good understanding of Facebook outside of your business page. So if you don’t already have a personal account, you can open one today. This will give you a chance to see who your business is in the eyes of the fans as well as see what your competitors are doing and get an idea about other users.

Keep in touch with your fans outside of Facebook

You can do this with your email list. You can give users an incentive to write their name in your mail list. Post relevant and interesting content on your Facebook page.

Use call to action:

Since you don’t want the user to visit your site just once, you can use a “call to action” graphic on the tab of your page. It can be as simple as “Like Come” Like button. Give visitors all the opportunities to easily become your fan and add you to their feed.

Hide and Seek game:

Create demand for what you have. Create content for visitors so they will be encouraged to like your page. These can be information about a particular product, interviews, menus, etc. that are related to your business.

There are several ways to do this (and they are constantly changing) such as: Apps of Custom FBML (Facebook Mark Up Language).

Easy URL

You can create a vanity url link for your business page. This will help your fans find your page more easily. Your URL will be: http: //www.facebook/yourbusinessname.

Post weekly PIN:

Do not match it with Pinterest’s PIN. Facebook allows you to put any of your business posts at the top of your page by posting features for weeks. So that’s the information you want to push. It could be a sale, a promotion or an event that you can put at the top of the page. To pin, hover over the selected post, click on the pencil icon and select “Pin to Post”.

Display milestones:

Not just your relationship ship update or graduation is a Facebook milestone. You can highlight the various achievements of your company, be it the founding anniversary, meeting the target of a specified number of fans or launching a new product.

Post type

Jarela searched and found that the most likes, comments and shares are on the Facebook page. However, there are some differences between these 3 works, which can be seen in the figure below.

Post size

If you post without a link on the Facebook page, it is most liked and shared. The posts that are the longest are the most shared.

Using yourself as a formula

Use yourself as a reference in any post on the page such as “I have seen” or “I believe”. This type of post increases customer confidence and gets more and more shares.

Post sentiment

Posts that are written in a neutral way, which means that the posts are neither explicit nor obscure, such posts get less likes. Negative posts get the most comments from positive posts.

Post time

Posts that are made at the end of the day get more likes, comments and shares because at this time people return home after work and enter personal life. This time is called peak hour, usually from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Post day

According to Jarela, the posts get more likes, shares and comments on holidays like Saturday and Sunday. In the case of Bangladesh, this time will be Friday and Saturday.

Marketing on Facebook is currently the most popular. Starting from small businesses, big business organizations are succeeding by promoting their products on Facebook. But you also have to more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

It is forbidden to shoot any work while marketing Facebook!
Do not use dummy accounts.
Don’t post too much.
Don’t forget to post multimedia.
Do not respond too late.
Don’t post anything by guessing.
Do not leave the “About” section blank.
Do not give ad links in comments inside other people’s posts.
Do not do marketing with fake accounts.
Do not post on the same service provider page.

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