Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks – How to Facebook marketing

If you have Facebook marketing skills, you can earn in many ways. But it is not clear to us to say that Facebook is efficient. I have tried to arrange what skills are needed.

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How to Facebook marketing

1) Lead collection: There is no profit for business by increasing likes on Facebook Marketing. The lead needs to increase. Opening the page to sell any weight loss medicine. She has 10,000 likes on the page, of which 9,999 are thin human likes. Then medicine cannot be sold to them in life. Only those who are worried about being fat and fat should be brought to your page. Bringing these to the page is called lead collection.

2) Lead Introduction: When the lead is created on the page, it is important for them to create an awareness-raising, panic-stricken post with awareness posts. Seeing these will create interest among the people of that page to buy thinner products. This is called lead nursing identity on Facebook Marketing.

3) Sales Funnel: We always give the post about buying the product while Facebook Marketing. The price of the product, why the product is good, I always post type. Doing so closes the cell at one stage or the cell does not get better. But it is seen that a lot of hard work is being done. I have tried to explain it in the seminar with a simple explanation.

The house has a water tank. Left the call inside the house. Once the water is read, the tank will be empty. You have to run the same motor as you left the faucet and fill the tank regularly with water. Drive the motor to fetch water, this is called lead collection. The tank is filled with water, it is called lead identity. After leaving the call, the cell has started.

4) Content Development: Content means article, any writing link, graphic, video everything is called content. In case of content development, you have to plan keeping in mind the issue of selling the product. Content needs to be developed with lead collection, lead nursing, sales funnel in mind.

5) Understand the behavior of the potential customer: The potential customer’s age, sex, their purchasing power, buying habits, their behavior must be understood, the content must be developed accordingly. Potential customers need to know how to collect data and analyze their behavior.

6) News Feed Algorithm: It maintains an algorithm called EDGE Rank to show any post on Car Wall on Facebook. And because of this algorithm, you don’t see everyone’s posts in your friend list, not everyone sees your posts. You don’t get any benefit from seeing marketing without understanding it. You may be marketing in 100 groups, but in fact you are not showing your post on anyone’s Facebook wall just because of this algorithm.

6) Targeting the right audience: Finding the right audience and marketing only to them. There are many tools to understand who the right audience is, and marketing without knowing how to use them will waste time. No more income.

7) Paid Advertising: Paid Advertising on Facebook Marketing is an excellent marketing solution. But sadly, in our country, I think I have been able to reach more people by spending 1 dollar, the bigger I have become a marketer. In fact, how many people saw the post, not your selfishness, how many people bought your product, marketing success. That’s why you have to learn proper paid marketing.

9) Remarketing technique: If you can bring a promotion to the same person again and again through Facebook paid marketing, then the product will be established as a brand. Therefore, to retain the audience, to deliver the message to them by Facebook Marketing again and again is remarketing.

10) Being an influencer: Influencer is the ability to establish one’s opinion online as an expert on a subject. Influencers reduce the hassle of marketing. More can be gained with less effort. You have to know the technique of becoming an influencer.

11) Monthly Marketing Report Monitoring: Some of the tools of Facebook have a system to view every marketing result. There is no benefit in Facebook Marketing without knowing how to analyze them. If you do marketing without knowing them, you will be lost in the sea like a blind man.

12) Make a marketing plan according to the report: According to the monthly report, the marketing plan for the next month has to be sorted. Knowing what kind of content is attracting people, at what time people are more online, if you do marketing, the effort will be reduced a lot, the income will also increase.

13) Analyze the competitors: If you go into marketing without analyzing the competitors, there would be no benefit in marketing. You will only get frustration. Then create your marketing plan with ideas from competitors.

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