What is On Page SEO and why it is so important for your business

 In the present era, search engine service providers like Google are constantly trying to provide the most accurate and perfect results for the visitors in the search engine. And we all know that the only way to get results in this search engine is SEO.

This means that if you SEO your website in the right way, then your website is more likely to be in the first row in the search engine results. This is why local SEO is as important as general SEO. So let’s not know today what local SEO is and why it is so important for your business.

What is On Page SEO

In the present age, all the internet users try to solve all the problems of their daily life by searching. That is, they search for their problems and find solutions from search engines. Users find everything from daily necessities to shopping malls to even the biggest service providers.

If you want to know about local SEO, you must have an idea about SEO. We know that SEO is a technical strategy to bring your website to the first page of search engines through search engine optimization. So what is local SEO? The full form of local SEO is local search engine optimization.

A method of optimizing the results of a website for search engines by targeting a specific audience or customer. We know that SEO allows your website to target audiences all over the world online. But if your business provides services offline or locally, you will not always find customers or audiences through search engines. For this you need to do local SEO.

On Page SEO important for your business

 Let us clear the matter with a small example. Suppose there is a furniture shop in Uttara. Those who sell their products offline or in a specific area and have no branch in their store. Now if this organization does SEO through a website of theirs and if the result is seen by someone from Khulna or from abroad then it will be very impossible for him to buy products or furniture from this shop.

Because he will never come from so far to buy his furniture or products. But suppose someone in Uttara did a search by typing certain keywords about furniture and the website of that furniture came up in the search results. But then of course there will be many benefits to selling the products of that business organization. This is basically local SEO.

This means that the SEO you do to grow your business by targeting audiences across your specific area is basically local SEO. Local SEO makes these tasks much easier and helps your client visitor find you very easily.

 For this type of SEO, your address is optimized with city names and details. Simply put, you need to optimize search engines in such a way that everyone can find you very easily and both online and offline.

 Local SEO concept

When we type google.com and search in our search bar, you will see that Google will take you to BD. Ever wondered how it is? This is mainly done through local SEO. When you do a Google search to buy something or an electronics product,

You must see the results of the area in which you are or the district you are in your search engine will show. Of course, it will not show from the outside unless you search by typing the name of a specific area. When you search for something locally, you will find results in your neighborhood.

And Google sees the issue of local SEO in a very important way and that is why Google always tries to show you the most useful information through search engines.

 How many types of local SEO

They are constantly trying to analyze all the topics, including the search engine algorithms, the search topics and keywords that the user needs. What kind of results will show depends on the user’s key world and its location. Local SEO is usually considered based on keywords and search volume. On this basis, local SEO can be divided into two parts, one is IP based SEO and the other is location based SEO.

IP based SEO search:

When you search for a product or service by entering the name of a search engine, the search engine will show you the information closest to you, depending on your IP. When we look for Grameenphone’s customer care location or a nearby bank, it is shown to us through this result IP reliance.

Location-based search:

When you search for something by typing it in a search engine but adding a specific location to the keyword. Then no matter where you are, the results of that particular place will show you, this is basically a location based search.

 Requirements of local SEO

We already know that SEO is very important and local SEO is slowly becoming important. Search engines always prioritize user needs.

 Like you have an electronics store and by doing SEO of your website you get four to five thousand daily visitors to your website.

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