What is online marketing?

You have created a website, where you can go and buy a membership with money and chat online. (Kaden again!). Speaking of which, well Dad I caught a site where shoe socks are available to buy. You have to get it to an internet user, don’t you?

What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? Maybe, you can tweet from Twitter with zero followers after a while “Ki Banailam Re” but modern economy will not see it as a profit. You succeed when you get the desired number of visitors, your product is being sold, and you are benefiting from it. Until then you have failed.

What is online marketing?

Stop, don’t be angry. There is a reason behind calling you a failure. Watching TV?

Listen and watch the name of India TVC Sky Shop. One of their products caught my eye, I found out, and the matter is fake. I don’t remember the name of the product, its job is to build muscle in your body. I mean, dry thin makes you a hero. To explain that this product is for you, several such models have been appearing in their TV commercials for half an hour and are going through various temptations, various statements, you will not believe it, you will get rid of it, you know!

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance, but it’s worth it.

Do not believe me? Should a company spend millions of rupees to advertise on TV if it is not profitable?

So this is marketing, and the power of marketing, by mixing half a kg of sugar with one kg of flour, it can be sold in a box for Rs 5,000. If they do, isn’t it your fault that you can’t reach your best product or website to consumers or visitors?

What is marketing?

I can write a lot of lines, what different people are saying about this, how are you, but I try to explain to you.

Suppose you have a product or service that you want to reach a customer, consumer or customer. That’s why almost everything you do is called marketing. You can advertise products, do miking, put up posters and fill the city. These are all marketing. Maybe I could explain in a few words?

Now let’s talk about why marketing is done

The idea came to you in a hurry and you will make soap. You made soap with the best raw materials (Chandrabindu will be), the best equipment, the best staff and a lot of money. The packet is more beautiful, namo seirakam, orange beautiful soap.

What should be done now? You have several options,

1. You can use that soap yourself.

2. You can give dozens of girlfriends every week.

3. You can bring it home and decorate it in the showcase.

4. You can deliver soap to the public.

Stay tuned, it has become my bad habit to make the reader laugh while writing a serious topic. So what time do you want? Which one do you need the most?

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Now my question is, your soap factory in Nigeria, home in Saudi Arabia, I live here, how do I recognize your soap ray, how do I hear its name e?

Yes, this is where marketing comes in. Somehow you have to give me the name of your product, Atlist. Then I will go to the shop and say “Uncle give me orange beautiful soap”.

Is there any other way? Yes, there is a road. That is quality marketing, it is also a form of marketing, but in this case you do not have to spend extra money, make a product that is very unique. Then let some people use it, if they are happy with the use, tell who else. In this way, after this one thousand years, everyone will recognize your product. (Don’t cry)

How to do online marketing?

1. With ads: Banner ads, link ads, a new site reaches people with these. Let’s say you created a site today, it’s normal for no one to know. So you can see if anyone knows you the next day by adding it to a popular site.

2. By word of mouth: I doubt if it can be put in the online category by word of mouth. But think of a time when you have a handful of sites online. But then in the mouths of these people, a site would have grown from one to five people. Even the e commerce giant “Amazon” is just the beginning.

3. Search Engine Optimization: Big sites (excluding social engines) and even my site, I assume that 80 percent of the day visitors get from search engines. And after the quality of a site, it is the biggest issue. Many people write about this in Techtunes, find out and you will find many articles. (Although I’m afraid, some people write knowingly, some people just get rid of the idea of submitting links, search engine optimization is a very sensitive issue, be careful if you don’t understand. One wrong backlink can also push you back a lot)

There are several more aspects, later writing. Now let’s write about Dulaine Negative Marketing.

What is negative marketing?

Many people have no idea about this. The kind of marketing that is harming you instead of profiting is somehow negative marketing. Online it is a deadly sensitive matter.

An example:

Don’t be upset, I’m talking for the good. Suppose you market your site in this tune of mine. I mean, he told others to visit by giving a link in the gap of a comment. It’s kind of negative marketing. But I think it’s like “what site did you build, nobody goes, my tune is coming to find visitors”

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